Mobile home startup aims to use technology to disrupt the market

San Antonio’s real estate market is active, ranking #8 on real estate website Trulia’s 2017 Hot Markets list. That demand has reduced the inventory of affordable, entry-level housing. San Antonio’s population is projected to grow by 1 million people by 2040, further increasing the need for affordable housing.

That’s why Alberto Piña and his brother Jason founded Blaustein Mobile Homes. The Piñas, known informally as the “Mobile Home Geeks,” launched their unconventional startup in January as a way to help entry-level buyers achieve their dreams of homeownership at significantly reduced costs. Ta.

By leveraging technology, Braustin Mobile Homes has introduced what it believes to be a disruptive model for mobile home sales, establishing a virtual mobile home dealership on the 8th floor of Geekdom. This will be one of the highlights of the SA Tech Trek on April 25th.of Rivard Report We spoke to Alberto Piña about housing startups.

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