Mark Zuckerberg: NVIDIA CEO is the ‘Taylor Swift of tech’

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has friends in high places, and he speaks even more highly of them.

In a photo posted to Instagram on Wednesday, Zuckerberg posed alongside Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and captioned it, “Jersey Swap,” as the two swapped jackets for the photo.

Zuckerberg is wearing Jensen’s signature fitted leather moto jacket, and fans are wearing Zuckerberg’s brown shearling coat.

Nvidia, a high-tech software company valued at $2 trillion in February (more than Amazon and Alphabet), makes highly coveted AI chips. Meta is expected to spend billions of dollars on about 350,000 of his Nvidia chips by the end of 2024 to help build his company’s AI infrastructure for the future.

“We’ve developed a completely new way of doing computing,” Huang said. CNBC Jim Cramer earlier this month. “Our technology is integrated into all these computer manufacturers, and the world is connecting it. That’s why Nvidia is everywhere. We’re in every cloud, every data center. is.”

Although Hwang’s company is making big moves in the tech world, not everyone knows him as a public figure. For example, one commenter on Zuckerberg’s Instagram wrote, “I don’t know who you are, but I’m glad you enjoyed it!”

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However, Zuckerberg was quick to praise him highly, saying, “He’s like Taylor Swift, but with a focus on technology.”

The Mehta CEO is known for his quick feet and attended the Elas Tour in Santa Clara, California, this summer with his three daughters and wife Priscilla Chan.

“The life of a girl’s father,” he captioned the Instagram post, with jewels forming around his eyes.

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