Beauty Technology Innovations in 2024: Trends from CES

Innovation in beauty technology will take center stage in 2024, as evidenced by this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the industry’s largest event of its kind. Here, thousands of people flocked to Las Vegas to learn exactly what’s in store when it comes to the future of beauty and grooming. And while AI and machine learning were the most talked-about terms of 2023, judging by the many gadgets and products on display, the technology will have an even bigger and more fundamental impact in the coming months. It will be. Devices unveiled at CES 2024 range from algorithmic skin enhancement to a home robot that aims to replace regular trips to the nail salon, a tool that dyes your hair with the push of a button, and a luxury storage system developed with LVMH. .

From robotic nail art to AI-powered makeup, beauty technology innovations in 2024

Scents that respond to nerves

Scientists and researchers say that scent recognition is one of our most powerful cognitive tools, and YSL Beauty is trying to put this idea to the test. scent station, utilizes a multi-sensor EEG-based headset to measure neural responses to luxury fragrances.Grand Prize Winner wearable technology At CES 2024’s Innovation Awards, the device allows users to get scent recommendations based on their positive emotional response by completing a questionnaire associated with a series of smell tests, ideally can create a unique scent.

high tech hair care

loreal color sonic

L’Oréal Color Sonic allows you to change your hair color with the push of a button

(Image credit: Provided by L’Oréal)

A growing body of research suggests that standard blow dryers are problematic for both the environment and hair health. At CES, L’Oréal demonstrated an infrared-powered hair dryer. Airlight Pro, uses energy-efficient heating coils to dry strands with minimal heat damage. Developed in collaboration with hardware startup Zuvi, creators of the innovative Halo hair dryer, the device features 17 propeller blades that reduce drying time and use less energy to dry hair. Moisturizes. The brand also color sonic An at-home hair dye wand that seamlessly mixes and dispenses salon-quality formulas with the push of a button.On the more experimental side, South Korea’s We have introduced a scalp scanner. This promises to prevent future hair loss and aims to promote overall scalp nutrition. Myavana We provided an at-home AI-driven strand test with personalized scientific analysis and recommendations.

AI and AR configuration

Amore Pacific Lip Cure Beam

Amorepacific Lip Cure Beam wins CES 2024 Digital Health Innovation Award

(Image provided by Amorepacific)

of Amore Pacific Lip Cure Beam – Digital Health wins CES 2024 Innovation Award for patented technology that combines lip care with customized makeup – is similar to a mobile beauty consultant. The device works through a high-precision sensor located on the tool’s cap, which detects moisture levels and skin condition as it grazes over your lips. The applicator then utilizes a high-tech “visible light” emitting brush to project light-activated materials that increase natural collagen, form a moisture barrier, and create a custom shade based on the diagnostic results. To do.Brand also announced cosmetic chipshome devices that manage custom skin care, and Color Master by TONEWORKuses AI and “precision color analysis” to recommend makeup shades based on your skin tone and texture.

Luxury beauty storage

Beautygloo cosmetics fridge in the bathroom

Beautygloo cosmetics refrigerator was developed in Paris with LVMH, and customers include Dior Beauty and Shiseido

(Image credit: courtesy of Beautygloo)

french brand beauty glue wants to extend the shelf life of your favorite products and fragrances with an improved cosmetics refrigerator with a patented cooling system that maintains optimal storage temperatures while eliminating moisture. The startup’s products were developed in Paris as part of the LVMH accelerator program, and current Beautygloo customers include Dior and Shiseido. Next year, the brand aims to move forward in the U.S. market.

Robotic nail and eyebrow treatment

Light and beautiful manicure

Nimble Beauty’s in-home nail salon uses AI and robotics to paint and dry your nails like a professional artist.

(Image credit: Provided by Nimble Beauty)

Attracted attention at CES 2024, agile beauty The “smart at-home nail salon” leverages AI and robotics to paint and dry professional-quality nails in 33 vegan shades using nail scanning technology. The nails are inserted into a device similar to a typical gel manicure kit. The paint is then applied by a robotic arm that is mapped by more than 20 algorithms that calculate the exact polishing needs, while also being programmed to mimic human movements. Shu Uemura would like to replace your next salon appointment with a newly announced salon appointment. Shu: Blau, household electronic eyebrow makeup applicator. Built in partnership with Prinker, a pioneer in the field of temporary body ink, the device provides a bespoke, technology-enabled brow shaping tailored to the user’s exact facial dimensions. Masu.

new skin care device

Woman using Armani Beauty METAPROFILER

Armani Beauty METAPROFILER is a handheld facial sculpting device that analyzes your skin.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Armani Beauty)

Fans of Armani Beauty can’t wait to see what’s next for the brand. meta profiler, a handheld face sculpting and massage device equipped with cutting-edge technology that can analyze your skin with a combination of 18 LEDs. Three capture modes allow you to identify texture, smoothness, and even hydration levels. Working in the space alongside Armani Beauty is Medicube, a popular Korean skincare brand with a cult following. booster pro (a facial tool designed to amplify radiance and elasticity through microcurrent and light therapy) will be available to audiences around the world later this year.

bathroom of the future

Kohler Anthem+ Digital Control System

The Kohler Anthem+ digital control system is part of the “Bathroom of the Future” along with the Atmo bathroom fan.

(Image credit: courtesy of Kohler)

Kohler is getting into hackable bathrooms in a big way with a variety of products. new smart home products. Coming soon, Anthem+ Digital Control The system can power almost any bathroom from a single control panel, gives the shower the ability to adjust flow and temperature, and adds steam via a touch display that syncs with the Kohler Konnect app. Another addition to the collection is SpaViva, a multifunctional hand shower that combines an all-in-one face and body cleaning device with an interchangeable brush, massager, and pulse spray. As part of this “bathroom of the future,” Kohler will be launching a programmable Atmo bathroom later this year that uses sensors to change temperature and doubles as a light that automatically activates when it gets too humid. Fans will also be released.

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