High-tech gadgets focused on wellness unveiled at CES conference


A high-tech pillow to prevent snoring and a navigation device to help the visually impaired are among the many high-profile gadgets and gizmos unveiled at the world’s biggest technology show.

CES officially opened its four-day geek fest in Las Vegas on Thursday, showcasing a myriad of new devices ranging from those aimed at personal health and wellness to consumer electronics, electric vehicles and the Metaverse.

One product that particularly excited the many sleep-deprived spouses in the crowd of 100,000 at the Venetian Convention and Expo Center was a product that recognized when a person was snoring and detected It was a motion pillow that inflated an airbag to rotate the head and spine.

A motion pillow is a gadget that stops users from snoring by slowly inflating it. CSE/Consumer Technology Associate

“When you start snoring, it recognizes where your head is on the pillow and begins to gently move it,” says Motion Pillow’s Brent Chappell. “Your airways open up again. Your snoring stops, your pillow becomes ineffective, and you can continue to sleep.”

The pillow is one of a select few devices nominated for innovation at CES and is set to launch this year.

Another creative product was introduced by the Japanese company “Ashirase”, which invented a “walking navigation” system for visually impaired people. The innovation award-winning device attaches to a shoe and sends vibrations to the foot via a smartphone app, alerting the user of their direction of travel.

The company says, “We want visually impaired people to be able to walk freely on their own feet and carve out a future for themselves.”

Ashirase’s “walking navigation” gadget for visually impaired people. CSE/Consumer Technology Associate

If you like coasting on wheels but don’t want to break a sweat, you can buy electric inline skates from France’s Atmos for $533. Skaters wear a battery pack on their waist and use a small remote control to keep their rollerblades moving.

In the field of electric vehicles, BMW announced i Vision Dee technology for EVs in 2025. This technology takes artificial intelligence to a new level and allows drivers to customize the exterior of their car. The car also learns about the driver and makes proactive suggestions that are displayed on the in-car screen. It also accepts voice commands.

Meanwhile, Sony has announced that it will partner with Honda to develop a new electric vehicle called Afeela, which is expected to be launched in the US in 2026. Pricing has not yet been announced. But the sedan-sized vehicle is interactive, using Honda’s safety and driver assistance systems, as well as Sony’s entrainment and interactive features.

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CES poster for Atmos’ electric inline skates.

atmos gear

The Atmos electric skates retail for $533.

atmos gear

The Metaverse was another big theme, with many companies announcing their latest gadgets for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Startup OVR Technology has announced a headset that allows users to smell within the Metaverse. The company says this has potential applications in health, beauty and wellness beyond gaming and movie watching.

The headset, called ION 3, is a wearable device that uses cartridges to deliver up to thousands of scents. Its delivery system is synchronized with the content the user is viewing in AR, VR, or via desktop or mobile.

A prototype of Sony and Honda’s electric car “Afeela” was unveiled at a press event at the 2023 CES event to be held in Las Vegas on January 4th. Bloomberg via Getty Images
Honda and Sony’s Afeela is an interactive vehicle scheduled to be released in 2026. Bloomberg via Getty Images

On the lifestyle front, pop star Paula Abdul launched Idol Eyes, a line of audio sunglasses.

Starting at $199, the sunglasses have a 5-hour battery life and play audio from the sunglass frame via Bluetooth connectivity. Users can listen to music and answer calls through the sunglasses. Sunglasses are available in seven colors with polarized and blue light blocking lenses.

“I’ve wanted to go into the technology world for a long time,” the “Straight Up” singer told The Associated Press on Thursday. She says, “But I wanted to do it in my own way.”

Singer Paula Abdul debuted her line of audio sunglasses, Idol Eyes, at CES 2023. Idol Eyes/Paula Abdul

“I just combine fashion, movement and technology,” the former “American Idol” host added. “That’s where my heart is.”

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