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Here are some of the world’s agritech startups that caught our eye:

In addition to an extensive lineup of presentations, panel discussions, and working groups, this year’s World Agritech Innovation Forum, held in San Francisco on March 19th and 20th, featured 60 startups and early-stage agritech companies. They promoted their products. Agricultural innovation concept. Pitches featured technologies covering all aspects of agriculture, from management to agronomy to processing. Seed-related points of note include:


Arora calls itself a “marine agriculture company” and aims to grow rice at sea.

Arora aims to create a sustainable food future through the world’s first ocean farming system. Rory Hornby, Arora’s CSO, said in his company’s World Agri-Tech pitch: “With this innovative technology that increases yields, eliminates fresh water use and minimizes land use, the world We are solving hunger in the world.”

Alora won the right to join IndieBio, a world-renowned accelerator in San Francisco in 2019. After spending six months honing his Alora fundamentals under the former name Agrisea, the Alora team moved research operations to Velocity in Canada. They focused on developing marine salt-tolerant rice, marine farms, and stealth bacteria technology, with the goal of launching Singapore’s first marine aquaculture plot. After his four successful years in Canada, the Alora team established an R&D headquarters and laboratory at Norwich Research Park in the UK.

CEO and co-founder:Luke Young
Headquarters: Norwich, UK
Number of employees:Five
brought up to this point: 3.7 million dollars
supporter: Toyota Ventures, Grantham Environmental Conservation Foundation, SOSV (IndieBio SF, Batch 9), Mistletoe, Jude Gomila
Considering the relationship with: Investors, seed distributors or developers, members of seed pipelines.


biosan solution

BioSun Solutions is a genome extraction company that uses nanotechnology to induce over 30 genome-stimulating elicitors to produce next-generation plant-based biostimulants and biofungicides.

BioSun Solutions is a privately held company dedicated to driving innovation in the organic agriculture industry. Its main focus is on providing high quality agricultural products that not only provide farmers with a significant return on investment, but are also environmentally friendly, sustainable and efficient. So far, the company has launched three of his products, designed for both domestic and large-scale industrial operations.

Established: 2019
Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
brought up to this point: 5.5 million dollars
supporter: Investors, McGill University, University of Montreal, ICARDA Liban, INREA Avignon-Bordeaux and Angers, INRS, Government of Canada


Charis Biotech

Calice Biotech harnesses the power of data to help breeders accelerate crop development. The company’s approach integrates proprietary AI and data science technologies with the aim of revolutionizing agriculture.

Calice Biotech leverages computational breeding techniques through its AI and deep learning-based platform NODES to bring new varieties to market up to 50% faster than traditional breeding methods.

“We work with seed companies looking to enhance crop genetics in less time and at lower cost. Our comprehensive technology not only benefits their business, but also the environment. have a positive impact,” the Caris team explained at the World Agri-Tech pitch.

CEO: Ramiro Olivera
office of: Buenos Aires, Argentina I San Francisco, USA
Number of employees:16
brought up to this point: 1 million USD
Considering the relationship with: Seed companies, individual investors, VC companies


jean neil

GeneNeer is an Israeli agritech startup developing agile gene editing methods for smart and rapid crop breeding.

GeneNeer’s breakthrough technology uses RNA regulatory elements to make crop breeding and cultivation more efficient, predictive, and productive while protecting global sustainability, improving food safety and Stay safe.

GeneNeer’s “technology enables precise control over the entire gene editing process, making it faster, safer, and widely accessible to both Tier-1 and Tier-2 crop seed companies.” The GeneNeer team explained in their World Agri-Tech pitch. “GeneNeer generates gene editing superlines and incorporates proprietary technology in tissue culture of key crop variants.”

GeneNeer’s initial focus is on the potato market. The company currently works with leading companies on major crop production lines and recently joined Startlife’s program for promising startups based at Wageningen University, a world-renowned potato research center. .

CEO and co-founder: Kinneret Shafer
Headquarters: Shoham, Israel


Genvol Corporation

Genvor Incorporated (GNVR) is a developer of sustainable plant health solutions with a portfolio of patented peptides that deliver anti-pathogens to crops through next-generation biological foliar applications and transgenic seed traits. Provides enhanced nutritional properties.

As the Genvor team explained in their pitch at World Agri-Tech, antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are a diverse class of natural molecules that are produced innately by all multicellular organisms as a first line of defense; Plant peptides do not have adaptability. It is often not sufficient for pathogen protection. “Genvor is leveraging these building blocks to improve nature by customizing peptides to address specific problems, and also using nutrient-enriched peptides (NEPs) to enhance the nutritional profile of crops. Genvor’s patented peptides are designed to be easily applied, more efficiently using biochemical sprays or seed traits. It is introduced into the plant seeds and the peptides are naturally produced by the plants.”

With the support of world-renowned scientists and a partnership with the Department of Agriculture, Genvor leverages a license-first business model to develop products for a variety of crops including corn, citrus, rice, cotton, soybeans, flax, and potatoes. We are actively developing traits.

CEO:Chad Pawlak
Headquarters: Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Gura & Green

GRA & GREEN offers a unique gene editing technology that enhances crops in ways never before possible for a variety of crops and vegetable varieties.

GRA&GREEN’s aim is to use rapid breeding technology to create future crops that can respond to drastic environmental changes.

Specifically, we aim to minimize the inputs required to grow crops through a variety of approaches, including improving plants’ use of fertilizers and increasing their resistance to disease and environmental stress.

CEO: Masaki Niwa
Headquarters: Nagoya, Japan
Number of employees:30
brought up to this point: Over $5 million including pre-seed, seed, and Series A rounds.
supporter: Venture capital, insurance companies, banks, angel investors, government funds.
Considering the relationship with: Companies that wish to develop innovative crops and are interested in business alliances.


Ohmic bioscience

Ohmic Biosciences combines protein engineering and synthetic biology to develop durable disease resistance traits that directly halt disease progression in plants.

“Unlike currently available traits that are quickly overcome by mutations in pathogens, our traits are specifically designed to be difficult for pathogens to evolve,” the team at Ohmic Biosciences told the World – Said in the agritech pitch.

Ohmic Bioscience’s first target is the soybean cyst nematode, a parasite that causes more than $1.5 billion in damages annually in the United States alone.

Co-founder and CEO: PJ Steiner
Headquarters: San Francisco, California

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