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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, which opens in Las Vegas on January 9, is expected to change the look of technology. In addition to its usual focus on electronics, CES has evolved into a major automotive event, with major technology brands from around the world showing off their AI-powered mobility solutions, futuristic concepts, cars, and even flying cars. Taxis are open to the public.

Around 4,000 technology companies, including major companies such as Hyundai Motors, Google and Microsoft, will showcase their future mobility strategies at the technology business trade show.

A smartphone with wheels that attracts attention

According to the Korea JoongAng Ilbo, Hyundai Motor is making a big return to CES by unveiling a “software-defined vehicle” (SDV), or the famous car version of a “smartphone on wheels.” This means that the SDV will have an over-the-air OTA software system for updates. His SDV startup 42dot, which is owned by Hyundai, will also have its own display model equipped with the SDV system.

Meanwhile, Mercedes, BMW and Honda will offer a new Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) virtual assistant, software-based improvements and the first electric SUV. Kia will unveil his five concept cars designed with specific use cases in mind, such as shuttle and ride-hailing services. The company also plans to unveil the EV3 and EV4 concept models.

Supernal, Hyundai’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) subsidiary, will debut its flying taxi at CES, taking a big step toward commercialization in 2028. Supernal’s unique exhibit outside the convention hall will provide visitors with a first-hand experience of a vertiport, a vertical takeoff and landing field for UAM vehicles.

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Other long-awaited new technology announcements

The fusion of virtual and augmented reality will also take center stage at CES 2024. Although traditionally run in parallel, VR and AR are now showing signs of convergence. As reported by Tom’s Guide, Xreal co-founder Peng Jin believes that “wearable computing,” which aims to combine the immersive experience of VR with the sophisticated form factor of AR glasses, is the next frontier. I believe that. His XR technology, demonstrated in products such as Apple Vision Pro, could potentially be integrated into traditional AR glasses sizes.

At CES 2024 Las Vegas, we may witness important developments in XR glasses, including innovative display technology that eliminates glass prisms, advances toward device-free computing, and the implementation of hand tracking within the glasses.

When it comes to the gaming world, Samsung Electronics has introduced ‘Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub’. This is an initiative in which we partner with manufacturers of different types of gear used in gaming to design exclusive products for use only on their devices.

Gaming Hub is a cloud-based platform that allows users to play games directly on Samsung TV without a PC or gaming console. According to GizmoChina, Performance Design Products (PDP) has partnered with Samsung to develop the “Replay Midnight Blue” game controller, bringing gaming experience to users of his Samsung devices with 40 hours of battery life and low-latency Bluetooth connectivity. provided.

As more updates roll out, technology enthusiasts will be eager to see new and innovative consumer products announced at CES 2024 that could shape the future.

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