Ankr launches Neura for blockchain, joining AI bandwagon

Blockchain infrastructure service provider Ankr has joined the wave of artificial intelligence pioneers and announced new AI products.

Ankr Neura AI solves startup challenges

News of the upcoming launch of the product, called Neura, comes at a time when more blockchain entities are entering the ecosystem, marking a significant milestone for Ankr.

Neura is a pioneering platform that addresses fundamental challenges for artificial intelligence (AI) startups. The platform’s functionality requires the integration of distributed GPU resources, crypto-based crowdfunding, and on-chain AI operations.

All these capabilities are needed to revolutionize the deployment, training, and functionality of AI models on blockchain technology. Ankr Neura AI stands out in dealing with his three different challenges on the corresponding starboard. The platform tackles the high demand for GPU resources, data management challenges, and the daunting challenge of securing funding.

One of its key features is a blockchain protocol that allows for the creation of a decentralized market for GPU power. With this platform, AI models can access rich expertise in on-demand computing and also leverage distributed data storage systems.

In addition, smart contracts provided by the underlying blockchain can also be leveraged to provide access to streamlined AI access, asset management, and operational processes, among other things.

AI grows beyond blockchain to other industries

It is worth noting that Ankr Neura AI is another platform that demonstrates the convergence of blockchain and AI. It was just a few days ago, internet computer broke record Expressing the world’s first blockchain-based AI as a smart contract.

Dominic Williams, the company’s chief scientist and CEO, said the new product is a “demonstration of AI running on the blockchain as a smart contract.”

In general, AI is derived from blockchain sports, entertainment, and much more. Earlier this year, the famous AI company OpenAI announced Sora, an innovative tool that allows you to create videos from text descriptions. The company is currently working on: appeal to Hollywood directors and producers have started adopting video generation tools.

There is also Devin from Cognition Labs This allows you to train other large-scale language models (LLMs) as the world’s first AI software engineer.

Meanwhile, ANKR crypto reacted positively to the news of the launch of the Ankr Neura AI platform. The cryptocurrency is currently trading at $0.0559, up 15% in the past 24 hours.

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