Trader turns $13,000 investment into $2 million with MEOW Meme Coin investment on base blockchain

A crypto trader turned a $13,000 investment into more than $2 million by trading a new meme coin, making a 15,700% profit in one day. dontfomoeu (Code: MOEW). This token was recently released on the Base blockchain platform.

what happened: according to look on chaina blockchain analytics company, earned MOEW 499.9 million. Ethereum (Crypto: ETH) Just 10 minutes after MOEW became available on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

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Within the same hour, traders took advantage of the token’s soaring value and offloaded 111.65 million MOEW (equivalent to $328,000) for 99 ETH, which was valued at $1.76 million at the time of reporting3. 888.24 million MOEW remained.

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Why it’s important: Earlier in the day, MOEW was launched by Bitget Wallet. “It’s just for a joke, nothing serious. We want to see what we can do with the power of memes,” he said of the Bitget team.

After reaching the DEX, MOEW rapidly increased in value and reached a market cap of $31 million.

However, Bitget Wallet warned potential buyers not to get caught up in the excitement with a warning message “Do not buy, do not fomo” and clarified the token allocation: “50% of MOEW is LP addition (Please note that it is for (permanent lock)), the remaining 50% will be allocated to airdrop distribution! Bitget wallet does not hold the tokens. ”

The ongoing airdrop has already reached over 8,000 addresses and given MOEW tokens to users. These users had previously accumulated her BWB points through his Bitget wallet.

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