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Technical sales representatives, also known as sales development representatives, work on the front lines of today’s fast-paced technology landscape. These professionals work with a wide range of clients across multiple industries to sell cutting-edge products and services.

Whether selling to a small start-up or a global enterprise, technical salespeople leverage their technical expertise and sales capabilities to identify a client’s unique needs and create customized solutions. need to be developed.

Curious about how to break into technology sales? This article outlines what it takes to become a technology salesperson and provides steps to start your career in this dynamic industry.

What does a technical sales representative do?

Technical sales representatives act as intermediaries between sales teams and customers. These professionals use their technical expertise to explain complex concepts and product specifications to customers, demonstrate products, establish customer technical needs, and increase market awareness of a company’s products and services. Expand.

After identifying the internal structure of an organization, technical salespeople present their product or service as a solution to the organization’s existing problems. Technical salespeople don’t just close sales; they continue to support organizations that have become customers.

These individuals work in a variety of industries, including computer and software technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, biology, chemistry, and healthcare.

Technical sales involves a multi-step cycle, including:

  • lead generation
  • Qualify prospects and leads
  • Research and identify the needs of prospects and customers
  • Developing customized solutions that address your organization’s specific needs and pain points
  • Closing sale
  • Maintain strong customer relationships by providing excellent customer service and support throughout the sales process and beyond.

According to Payscale, the average annual salary for a technical sales representative is approximately $65,000. Several factors determine your earning potential, including education, training, certifications, experience, industry, specialty, and location.

Steps to becoming a technical sales representative

Many technical sales professionals come from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds, including engineering, sales, and marketing. Although there is no single path to becoming a technology salesperson, these professionals tend to have deep technical knowledge, sales acumen, and strong interpersonal skills.

Candidates can develop these skills through formal education, training, and related professional experience. Although a bachelor’s degree is not required, earning a bachelor’s degree can help you build a solid foundation in related fields such as computer science, engineering, information technology, business administration, and marketing.

Read on to learn how to get into software sales.

Gain sales experience

Employers in this field value candidates with relevant, practical experience in customer service or sales, which can often be gained through internships or entry-level positions in sales or technical fields. The amount of experience required to qualify as a technology sales representative varies by role, company, and industry.

Learn about the industry

Technical sales representatives need a comprehensive understanding of the technology sales industry, including the unique challenges and opportunities for selling technology products and services. Several online courses and bootcamps offer in-depth instruction in technology sales, including product knowledge development, customer relationship management, and industry trends.

Bootcamps and courses can also help you develop skills related to prospecting, generating interest in your products and services, and converting leads into sales. Some online courses and bootcamps worth considering include:

  • Course Career – Technology Sales Course: This self-paced course combines online learning, real-world projects, and individual coaching to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of sales methodologies, popular sales technologies, qualified lead generation, outreach, and interview preparation. You can learn the overview. This course takes approximately three months to complete and costs $499.
  • Elevate – Sales Development Representative (SDR) Bootcamp: Elevate’s SDR Bootcamp is a comprehensive 10-week online program that covers topics such as sales messaging, lead research, industry-standard tool systems, and closing sales. This program offers live mentorship, one-on-one career coaching, and networking opportunities with industry experts such as employers and recruiters.
    Elevate offers several financing options. Please contact Elevate directly for specific pricing information.
  • Fuel Sales Academy – Sales Development Accelerator Bootcamp: Fuel Sales Academy’s sales bootcamp program equips participants with fundamental SDR skills. The program includes online instructor-led coaching, training, and the development of hands-on sales experience. Students complete the boot camp over the course of 6 to 12 weeks. This bootcamp is available for free.

Consider Sales Certification

Some technical sales professionals pursue certifications to receive structured training and education on industry best practices, sales techniques, and emerging technologies. Certifications can also demonstrate your commitment to professional development, giving you a competitive advantage over other job seekers. Below are some certifications that aspiring and current technical sales professionals can earn.

  • sandler sales certification: Sandler’s Sales Certification Program provides powerful training to help technology sales professionals improve their performance at various stages of their careers. Participants can progress through her four certification levels, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Master levels, and earn the corresponding certification at each level.
    The cost of Sandler’s certification programs varies by qualification. Please contact Sandler directly for specific pricing information.
  • Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP®): This sales program, offered by the National Association of Sales Professionals, is six weeks of intensive online training that provides a thorough understanding of the sales cycle. Topics include prospecting, building rapport, needs assessment, closing techniques, and account management. The cost of the program is $695.
  • AA-ISP Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP®): AA-ISP’s CISP certification is a 10-module online program that takes approximately 8 to 12 weeks to complete. During this period, participants will learn core sales competencies such as lead generation, discovery and qualification, needs assessment, closing techniques, and account management.
    The program culminates in a final mock “live sales call” role-play exam. To obtain certification, you must become an AA-ISP member (cost $145). CISP certification costs $875.

Expand your network

Building and maintaining a strong network of sales professionals and industry experts is essential to a successful sales career. Through networking, you can learn about new technologies, sales strategies, and job opportunities.

You can start building your network by attending industry events, trade shows, conferences, and joining social media groups and online forums. Sales groups such as Salesty and Sales and Marketing Alignment can be found through LinkedIn and other platforms. Popular networking sites include:

Types of technology in technology sales

Technical sales representatives may specialize in or work with multiple types of technologies, depending on the company’s offerings. The three most common types of him are:

  • software: Software sales engineers sell enterprise and consumer software to businesses, businesses, and organizations of all sizes. Enterprise software includes customer relationship management software and project management software. Consumer software includes mobile applications and productivity tools.
    Many companies also sell software as a service (SaaS), following a cloud-based delivery model that allows customers to access software online. Common software companies include Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Adobe, and Salesforce.
  • hardware: Technology hardware refers to physical products that run software, such as desktop computers, servers, laptops, phones, and hard drives. Many technical salespeople who sell hardware work for companies that manufacture or sell hardware, such as Apple, Samsung, Dell, Cisco, IBM, and Intel.
  • IT services: Technical sales representatives may sell consulting and troubleshooting services, cloud computing, cybersecurity, software development, and infrastructure management to organizations that do not have a dedicated IT team. Popular IT companies include Microsoft, Accenture, IBM, SAP, HP, and Capgemini.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about how to get into technology sales

How long does it take to become a technical sales representative?

The time it takes to become a technical sales representative depends on your education, technical training, experience, and network. Some people with little experience start out in entry-level technical sales roles and work their way up. Some people may take several years to gain the necessary skills and experience. Depending on which route you choose, becoming a technical sales representative can take anywhere from a few months to a few years.

How do I get started in technology sales?

To pursue a career in technology sales, consider earning a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as computer science, information technology, engineering, business administration, or marketing. You can also gain experience through entry-level positions and technical training. There is no one path to a career in technology sales, but building basic technical knowledge and sales skills will help you succeed in this field.

Can I become a technical salesperson even if I have no experience?

It is possible to break into technology sales without experience, but it may be more difficult. Even if you don’t have direct experience in technology sales, you may have gleaned transferable skills from other jobs. Highlighting these skills in your cover letter and resume will help you demonstrate your ability to succeed in technology sales.

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