VPS AI joins Hong Kong Blockchain Association, strategic move to accelerate expansion within Asian market

HONG KONG, April 1, 2024 (Globe Newswire) — GPU cloud ecosystem VPS AI has become part of the esteemed Hong Kong Blockchain Association, led by Web3 visionary Tony Tong.

HKBA is a leading force in the Web3 field and in Hong Kong, working as an educator and speaker at events such as the recent ETHVietnam. Hong Kong is emerging as a hub for budding projects due to its affinity for the blockchain ecosystem and favorable regulations.

With an experienced and talented executive staff led by Mr. Tong, Hong Kong Blockchain Association boasts a multifaceted suite of Web3 features and is poised to push VPS to the forefront of the industry. HKBA stands as a driver for his growing Web3 and AI market, working closely with partners such as COM2000, Cascadia Blockchain Group CK.CSE and Asia

VPS AI’s recent membership in the Hong Kong Blockchain Association allows it to step into the Asian market, opening new avenues for the project. Advice and support from the association will accelerate the growth of VPS AI and help achieve mass adoption.

The company successfully launched with praise from all quarters of the blockchain ecosystem, gathered trends on various platforms on, and was listed as one of the fastest growing projects on the Ethereum blockchain. It has been.

VPS AI: Solutions to Solve Challenges in the Computing Domain

VPS AI provides high-performance computing for AI and blockchain-related tasks to users around the world, regardless of their expertise or background. Need for VPS (Virtual Private Server) The demand for VPS has skyrocketed in the absence of a reliable solution, and AI is poised to fill the VPS void.

VPS AI is designed to accommodate all users, ensuring democratic access in a decentralized manner.

Whether you need a customized VM to deploy your AI projects or compile and run simple scripts, VPS AI has a customized solution for you. To minimize downtime and democratize access, VPS AI is built on a vast network of providers. Considering that there is no central infrastructure, this approach also reduces costs and directly benefits participants.

So why invest in an elaborate and expensive setup when it’s much easier and more cost-effective to rent computing resources from a VPS AI?

You can access the platform using the ecosystem’s native token, $VPS. This includes rapid deployment of GPU-enabled virtual private servers and application deployment.

Finally, VPS AI offers AI as a Service (AIaaS). This means users can subscribe to already available AI models and deploy them for various internal tasks such as customer service, data analysis, and operations. With VPS AI, you can achieve all this at a reasonable cost.

VPS AI will see significant growth as the platform launches from upcoming public beta testing.

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