Verity One leverages AI and blockchain to scale food trust program and ensure baby formula safety

Verity One Ltd., a pioneer in AI and blockchain technologies for authentication and verification since 1983 and 2018, respectively, proudly announces the expansion of its innovative Food Trust program. The initiative is currently prioritizing infant formula recall management and employs advanced AI and blockchain technology to facilitate a quick, transparent, and accurate recall process. The program aims to establish new safety standards within the food industry, with a focus on protecting the most vulnerable consumers – young children.

Introduction of technology to strengthen safety measures

Adam Reiser, CEO and Founder of Verity One Ltd., emphasized the non-negotiable nature of food safety, especially when it comes to infant formula. He highlighted that the company’s Food Trust program, which leverages AI and blockchain, has significantly improved the efficiency of recall management. This technology makes each step of the recall process transparent, fast and efficient, ultimately protecting children and providing peace of mind for parents and caregivers.

Key components of the Food Trust Program

Real-time scanning for contaminants: Verity One employs a mobile scanner that is essential for identifying hazardous substances in food, including pathogens in both human and pet food.

Comprehensive database and alert system: The company maintains an extensive database that provides up-to-date information on food safety issues such as recall history and contamination incidents, which is essential to preventing future crises.

Blockchain-enhanced traceability: Leveraging blockchain technology will enhance food traceability, ensure farm-to-fork transparency, and enable faster identification of sources of contamination.

Consumer education: Verity One’s platform acts as an educational tool, providing important information about safe food handling practices and high-risk foods, especially for vulnerable populations.

Cooperation with regulatory bodies: Verity One makes a significant contribution to broader food safety efforts by collaborating with leading agencies such as the CDC, FDA, and USDA and sharing valuable data and insights from our technology.

Neutral, fact-based alerts: Verity One maintains neutrality while providing unbiased, fact-based alerts on food safety issues and fostering a culture of integrity and trust in the marketplace.

Commitment to transparency with VERT “V” token

Polygon MATIC, Hedera HBAR, Binance BSC Integral to Verity One’s transparent ecosystem on the BSC blockchain network, the VERT ‘V’ token is an integral part of the TRUTH MATTERS™ in all aspects of food safety, including the critical area of ​​infant formula recalls. We emphasize our commitment to

In conclusion, the expansion of Verity One’s Food Trust Program represents an important step towards ensuring the safety of infant formula products. By integrating AI and blockchain technology, the company not only strengthens its recall management process, but also reaffirms its commitment to protecting consumers, especially young children, who are the most vulnerable in society.

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