Tech Data ink distribution agreement partners with SAS – ARN

“Embracing distribution and strengthening our partnerships through indirect channels is an important part of our growth strategy,” said John Carey, vice president of global channels at SAS.

“Our new agreement with Tech Data will help us increase our scalability, tap into untapped markets, and deliver results for our customers with our valued SAS partner.”

Tech Data continues to make significant investments in areas such as data, AI, and IoT, providing partners with access to expertise, aggregated solutions, and business enablement to drive data-driven outcomes.

SAS’ extensive partner ecosystem, industry-tailored products and continuous innovation complement Tech Data’s broad footprint and scale, particularly in the financial services and government sectors.

Tech Data offers 14 pre-bundled solutions that enable partners to deploy customers faster, increase agility, and accelerate digital transformation.

“Tech Data is dedicated to unlocking the potential of the IT ecosystem and providing our partners with the resources to leverage data to drive intelligence,” said Tech Data Vice President, MDC and Analytics, Asia Pacific and Japan Bennett Wong said.

“This reflects our dedication to serving as the go-to destination for AI solutions within the technology business partner ecosystem.”

Tech Data was added to the portfolio in May through a new agreement with GitLab, a DevOps platform for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

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