Revolutionizing the AI ​​startup ecosystem: Ankr launches Neura blockchain

The recent announcement of the Neura blockchain by Ankr marks a significant development in the Web3 and AI space. Neura aims to address the critical needs of AI startups by integrating decentralized GPU resources, crypto-based crowdfunding, and on-chain AI operations.

Addressing key challenges:

Neura stands out by addressing three major hurdles faced by AI startups: high demand for GPU resources, data management challenges, and securing funding. Its innovative approach includes a blockchain protocol that orchestrates a decentralized market for GPU power, allowing AI models to access computing power on demand, utilize decentralized data storage, and use smart contracts to It allows you to streamline your operational processes.

A great operating system for AI:

Chandler Song, co-founder and CEO of Ankr, envisions Neura as a great operating system for neural networks in AI. He highlights the platform’s features such as trusted data, scalable GPU access, smart contract automation, and new economic models that will meet the demands of future AI applications and payments.

Designed platform:

Neura is meticulously designed based on the solid foundation of the Cosmos SDK and optimized for compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This integration ensures scalability, interoperability, and data security by working with off-chain storage solutions.

Security protocols and token economy:

By adopting Bitcoin’s security protocols through the Babylon BTC staking protocol, Neura ensures robust protection of transactions and data. The ANKR token will serve as a pivotal component, facilitating various transactions and incentives within the ecosystem, such as paying AI royalties and rewarding developers and GPU providers. Neura is also introducing a new token standard to facilitate fractional ownership and revenue sharing through Initial Model Offerings (IMOs).

Ankr’s Web3 development hub:

Beyond Neura, Ankr serves as a comprehensive Web3 development hub, offering tools for dApp development, blockchain engineering, and crypto staking solutions. With its globally distributed node infrastructure, Ankr aims to democratize the web experience and make it easier for individuals and businesses to participate in the evolving crypto economy.

Important milestones:

The launch of the Neura blockchain represents a significant milestone in the evolution of AI and Web3 technology. By tackling key challenges and delivering innovative solutions, Neura is poised to redefine the AI ​​startup landscape and drive technological synergies and growth. As anticipation for the release builds, Neura promises to lead the way in AI and blockchain integration.

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