Pond Ecosystem releases Magma, a layer 2 blockchain, leading the crypto 2.0 revolution to empower people.

pond token

pond token

Los Angeles, California, April 3, 2024 (Globe Newswire) — Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were originally created to empower people, but over the years they have grown in popularity and expanded economic opportunity. Over time, venture capitalists began to dominate the field. and the opportunity to extract value from the holder. The Pond ecosystem was created by controversial cryptocurrency personality Jeremy Cahen aka @.Pauly 0x Returns power and value to the owner. “@Pond0x is a decentralized platform that provides basic DEX functionality. You can exchange ERC-20 tokens to bridge assets to and from other chains. What makes Pond0x different from other he DEXs is the numerous benefits for the platform’s users. “Users will be able to experience her DeFi yield farming mechanism of recurring rewards, free claims, and ‘easy mode’ through the platform token $PNDC.” @kenobi in his twitter post PONDX Player’s Guide. In his first 200 days, Pondex made over $679 million in trades and returned $28.56 million to users in claimed fees.

$PORK was created by a group of Pepe community members as part of the Pond ecosystem after the Pepe team stole over $15 million from community funds, but has options to move into a truly community-driven project. As such, it still held over 15 trillion tokens.Kenobi outlines details in article $ Pork, Pepe Fork. Not only did the Pepe team steal community funds, they received no permission or compensation for the use of Pepe’s creator Matt Furie’s property. Pauly0x collected his $2 million from the Pond community and donated it to him. Details are explained in this article on Binance. Matt Fury Receives Second $1 Million Gift in $Pork from Pond0x Community – Crypto 2.0.

This ecosystem also includes MAGMA, a layer 2 blockchain built to solve many of the current problems faced in the current crypto environment. One of the big advantages for holders is that L2 has much lower fees than Ethereum. On Ethereum, transaction fees are often higher than the actual transaction on days with high trading volume, which is inconvenient for small investors. Crypto Dominium explains: “Designed as a multi-chain liquidity network, Magma provides developers, node operators, and users with a permissionless path to customize and launch financially secure applications that prioritize liquidity. ” in a Binance article. $PORK: Transforming MEME Coin Dynamics with Market Makers and Tier 1 Negotiations.magma chain next

What is Crypto 2.0? “The answer is simple,” explains Pauly0x. “It is a new paradigm in the industry where real innovation and execution is paramount. And above all, the users are the primary beneficiaries of every product. With Crypto 2.0, we the users are king.”


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