Argo Blockchain (LON:ARB) stock price rises 17.1%

Argo Blockchain plc (LON:ARB – Get Free Report) shares soared 17.1% during trading on Friday. The stock traded as low as GBX 14 ($0.18) and last traded at GBX 13.70 ($0.17). During the day, 7,225,117 shares traded, which was -27% compared to its average trading volume of 9,895,909 shares. The stock previously closed at GBX11.70 ($0.15).

Argo blockchain price performance

The company has a quick ratio of 0.19, a current ratio of 0.59 and a debt-to-equity ratio of 1,380.67. The company has a market capitalization of ₱79.07 million, a P/E ratio of -41.52 and a beta of 3.20. The company’s 50-day simple moving average is GBX 15.75 and its 200-day simple moving average is GBX 13.49.

Argo Blockchain Company Profile

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Argo Blockchain plc, together with its subsidiaries, is engaged in the business of mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies around the world. It is dedicated to mining specialized computers for complex cryptographic algorithms. The company was previously known as his GoSun Blockchain Limited, but in December 2017 he changed its name to Argo Blockchain plc.

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