Modular blockchains Avail and dWallet Network combine for native Bitcoin integration

Avail, a modular blockchain solution, has entered into a strategic partnership with dWallet Network to bring programmable native Bitcoin to rollups within the Avail ecosystem. This collaboration aims to enhance Bitcoin’s capabilities while preserving user ownership and security.

Enabling seamless Bitcoin integration

Through this partnership, users will be able to natively manage their BTC in the Avail ecosystem rollup without compromising control of their digital assets. By leveraging dWallet’s MPC infrastructure, smart contracts on Avail’s rollup programmatically manage native BTC while ensuring user ownership. This is a departure from traditional L2 solutions that rely on collusive cross-chain mechanisms.

Moving to a minimal trust approach

The integration of BTC into other blockchains with a minimal trust approach represents a strategic move towards greater adoption of BTC. Avail co-founder Anurag Arjun highlights the importance of leveraging Bitcoin’s security features and his dWallet’s infrastructure to enable layer 2 chains or rollups on the Bitcoin network Did.

Bitcoin enhancements

By leveraging dWallet’s MPC infrastructure, Avail aims to introduce native Bitcoin rollups and enhance Bitcoin functionality. This advancement facilitates more efficient and secure transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain and enables a wide range of functionality beyond basic transactions.

Introducing pioneering technology

Integration with the dWallet network is enabled through Avail Nexus, a coordination rollup that incorporates proof-of-validity-based light clients and proof-of-execution aggregation. This integration not only integrates Web3, but also allows developers to use native assets to enhance the security of his Avail ecosystem.

Multi-chain staking solution

Additionally, the dWallet Network integration facilitates the Fusion Security model, allowing users to securely hold their assets in dWallet and stake them to enhance the safety of the Avail ecosystem. This introduces a native multi-chain staking/re-staking solution aimed at ensuring consensus across different blockchains.

Use of innovative protocols

The dWallet network leverages 2PC-MPC, a state-of-the-art protocol that enables non-collusive generation of ECDSAweb signatures. This pioneering multi-party protocol enhances the security and interoperability of his Web3 applications across the Avail rollup.

A unified Web3 vision

Avail and dWallet Network’s collaboration embodies a shared vision of a unified Web3 focused on multi-chain integration rather than cross-chain interoperability. Both companies are committed to realizing this vision through innovative technology solutions and constant collaboration.


Avail’s partnership with dWallet Network represents an important step toward unifying the Web3 ecosystem. Avail introduces native Bitcoin integration and leverages dWallet’s cutting-edge technology to address scalability challenges and pave the way for secure native experiences that are seamlessly integrated across all Web3 platforms We are aiming for

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