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HousingWire’s Tech Trendsetters awards recognize top leaders in products and technologies essential to bringing innovative technology solutions to market for housing industry customers. Similar to the HousingWire TECH100 Awards, which recognize the most innovative companies in mortgage and real estate technology, HW Tech Trendsetters recognizes those who develop technology and drive innovation for mortgage and real estate customers.

Last year, HousingWire’s selection committee selected 75 impressive technology leaders whose technological advancements and industry advancements will forever change the housing economy.

  • Led by Chief Innovation Officer Calvin Powell America’s first data and analysis‘ Data modernization efforts over the past decade. He played a key role in the technology development and enhancement of the company’s solutions, including the technology development of its industry-leading real estate search platform, fraud detection solution, next-generation AVM, and title search platform.
  • Jessica Thorud, Vice President of Product Management Zome is committed to uniting different groups towards a common goal while optimizing all available funds. She built a roadmap for the company’s residential search and data services product line, established new requirements, and led the development and delivery of executive dashboards to support critical software migrations and title line-of-business sales. Developed and delivered in collaboration with the Xome marketing team. Implementing enhancements to her award-winning, to name a few.
  • Joni Meyerowitz, Chief Operating Officer @property primarily oversees @properties’ technology functions, including pl@tform, the company’s proprietary brokerage technology software that enables digital management of all aspects of client relationships and real estate transactions through a single integrated system.
  • Mark Kulak, Senior Vice President of Application Development United Wholesale Mortgage has been a key leader in driving the company’s biggest innovations over the past two years. He led the creation and launch of his BOLT, a software that allows customers to go from initial submission to approval in 15 minutes. It uses optical character recognition to automatically classify documents, extract data, and help clients independently move forward with initial loan underwriting.

See the complete list of 2022 Technology Trendsetters and nominate your organization’s technology leader for a chance to be on this year’s list.

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