Introducing Somnia’s Advanced Blockchain for the Metaverse

Step into a new phase of the digital realm with Somnia’s L1 blockchain and omnichain protocols designed to link different virtual experiences and improve content creation.

Somnia will deploy the L1 blockchain and Omnichain protocols to enhance connectivity and support Metaverse creators.

Virtual Society Foundation (VSF) We proudly announce the introduction of Somnia The project is a breakthrough L1 blockchain combined with a set of Omnichain protocols. This technology aims to weave the Metaverse into a unified virtual ecosystem that can host millions of concurrent user experiences.

Today’s blockchain solutions are inadequate, both in terms of speed and cost-effectiveness, to handle the vast amount of transactions required for a fully functioning virtual society. Additionally, the fragmented nature of the metaverse discourages collaboration between users and creators, with much of the value being attributed to platform owners rather than the creative community.

Born from an independent virtual society foundation founded by. Impossible, the EVM-based Somnia blockchain is finely tuned for the metaverse. Preliminary testing demonstrated the ability to process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second and achieved sub-second transaction completion times. Somnia provides a versatile protocol that allows creators to create immersive worlds and facilitate the smooth integration of assets, commerce, and avatars across different experiences. This work is powered by insights and technology advances from key industry partners, including Improbable and its companies. MSquared Origin project.

Somnia’s protocol revolutionizes NFT collections by enabling them to be transformed into interoperable 3D objects, making them suitable for metaverse applications and increasing their inherent value. It is set. These protocols are currently approaching a valuation of over $100 billion and are looking to secure a significant portion of the total value lock (TVL) within the blockchain gaming, metaverse, and NFT industries, which are expected to see significant growth. Strategically placed.

Paul Thomas, the visionary behind Somnia, emphasized the project’s pivotal role in advancing both the Metaverse and blockchain technology. While most blockchains are great for financial applications, their lack of scalability hinders the expansion of social and creative platforms. Thomas envisions the Somnia protocol to be the catalyst for a connected, modular metaverse that will foster unprecedented community collaboration.

Somnia’s debut heralds the dawn of a vibrant creator economy, establishing a network that incentivizes collaborators to collaborate and participate in content development and remixing. It promises a universal market for avatars and objects, equitably distributes value among all ecosystem actors, and champions a participatory culture. This marks the beginning of a full-fledged virtual society where the creator economy can thrive.

Soon, Somnia will integrate with MSquared’s protocol to launch the Betanet protocol. origin An experience engine that powers large-scale events across music, sports, and gaming.collaboration with avatarn, Somnia enables the creation of interoperable avatars, strengthens user identity within the metaverse, and enables exploration of a vast array of events and immersive experiences. Notable projects include a large-scale Metaverse event organized by Improbable and Mquared (including an official virtual ballpark in partnership with). MLB KPOP album release event Two degrees.

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