Interseller announces the sale of the first wine “primeur” via blockchain

A ground-breaking revolution in the world of wine: On the InterCellar web3 platform, en primeur sales will be open to individual wine lovers for the first time. This historic development heralds a new era in the Bordeaux wine trade.

A historic milestone in the sale of Un Primeur

As a pioneer of blockchain technology in the wine and spirits sector, the Bordeaux startup is excited to announce this important advancement. For the first time, private customers will have the opportunity to participate in the trading of en primeur his wines before they are bottled and will be able to display their wines in a virtual cellar via a digital twin.

We offer a carefully selected selection

For the 2023 vintage, from May to June, Intercellar will present more than 70 famous wines, including famous wines such as Château Cheval Blanc, Château Mouton Rothschild, Château Haut-Brion and Château Margaux. This wonderful assortment is made possible by his partnership with one of Bordeaux’s top five wine retailers. Normally reserved for Bordeaux wine retailers, these fine wines will be available for reservation at from May 2024.

Revolutionize the user experience

The 2023 en primeur wines will be physically accessible from the first quarter of 2026, but can be traded or transferred with complete security until this date. Thanks to the digital twin, the bottles are stored in Interseller’s secure warehouse until claimed by the final owner. The new InterCellar platform promises an immersive and innovative user experience tailored to appeal to young customers with a passion for premium his wines. This disruptive initiative highlights Intercellar’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of the wine experience. Thanks to blockchain technology, the startup guarantees unparalleled traceability and liquidity, allowing connoisseurs to fully immerse themselves in the world of fine wine.

About Interseller

InterCellar is a Web3 platform specializing in wine and spirits, ensuring authenticity and traceability through blockchain technology. Each bottle purchased from InterCellar comes with a digital twin (via NFT). While the physical bottle is securely stored in a warehouse, its digital twin resides in a virtual cellar. Interseller’s commitment to providing convenient access to a great selection of wines and spirits is further demonstrated through secondary markets and new shipping options to his more than 40 countries. The Bordeaux-based startup recently secured his €1 million from around 30 investors, including Partouche Group.

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