IFZA Dubai donates high-tech gadgets

IFZA, Dubai’s dynamic free zone community, recently donated used laptops to a network of schools with the aim of reducing e-waste and contributing to improving the digital skills of UAE youth.

The move comes as the country hosts COP28 UAE later this year, as efforts to achieve net-zero emissions give momentum to sustainable practices and encourage organizations to conduct their own business activities responsibly. promoted.

According to the United Nations, approximately 53.6 million tons of e-waste is generated every year around the world. The irresponsible disposal of this large amount of high-tech equipment each year can lead to increased emissions and landfill waste.

In an effort to support the UAE government’s efforts towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Quality Education and Goal 13 – Climate Action, IFZA has announced that it will school network and donated 27 formatted, high-quality laptops to it. The move is also IFZA’s contribution to the UAE’s efforts towards a more circular economy.

This initiative is led by IFZA Cares, the official corporate social responsibility arm, which strives to contribute to the UAE leadership’s greater humanitarian focus and has created numerous opportunities to this end. Ta.

IFZA Cares ensured that laptops are upcycled and donated to solve community problems, rather than disposing of them as waste that pollutes the environment.

Students who decide to enroll in this network of schools will benefit from increased access to digital tools and ultimately confidence in their technology skills.

Jochen Knecht, CEO of IFZA, said: “Every company has the power to create a positive impact within the communities in which they operate, and we aim to not only operate successfully, but responsibly.As a digitally enabled company, we aim to operate responsibly. By taking responsibility for our digital waste and carefully handing over used equipment, we are playing our part in creating a clean, sustainable environment and improving the skills of the next generation.”

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