CES 2024: Las Vegas’ weirdest tech, gadgets, and AI claims

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CES 2024 is in full swing in Las Vegas. we are on the ground We bring you the most talked about things News and announcements from events, but much of the fun lies in the weird margins of the show floor. In his era of CES, where companies go all in on his AI propaganda machine, there are always gadgets and claims that are a little strange, to say the least.

Here are the 14 weirdest gadgets, technologies, and claims announced at CES 2024 so far.

Bird watching binoculars equipped with AI

For bird lovers on a budget, Swarovski offers AX Visio 10×32: AI-powered binoculars for $4,799. The binoculars use AI to quickly identify over 9,000 birds and other species, as well as the ability to take and share photos and videos of your discoveries.

An app where you can pay to pee

Flash an app screen showing how much it costs to go to the toilet

Image credits: flow

I need to go, but do I want to pay? Web-based app “Flush” Allows businesses to rent out their bathrooms to people to earn additional revenue. The strangest thing about this app, other than its existence due to the lack of well-equipped public restrooms in the United States, is the rating system that businesses use to approve or deny reservations.

BlackBerry-style keyboard for iPhone

Enhanced iPhone Keyboard in BumbleBee and London Sky Large Colors by Clicks Technology

Image credits: click technology (Opens in new window)

Do you miss the days when your iPhone had a tactile keyboard? Announced at CES 2024, Creator Keyboard by Clicks Technology For $139, your phone will become a relic from the BlackBerry era. The keyboard acts as an attachment to your phone case, allowing you to access more of your iPhone’s screen without a digital keyboard. There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to use your phone for longer, but perhaps that’s the price you pay for feeling nostalgic.

Dynamic sound mixing according to driving

Sound Drive dynamic sound mixing system dashboard view

Image credits: tim stevens

sound driveis a startup by singer-songwriter-turned-entrepreneur that aims to match the music you listen to with the rhythm and energy of your commute. The technology reacts to your speed and adapts the music accordingly, with lyrics flowing in and out intelligently whether you’re driving down the freeway or stuck in traffic. We were a little skeptical, but were pretty impressed with the technology.

router that looks like a picture frame

GL.iNet's router doubles as a picture frame for your desk

Image credits: GL.i Net

Matching technology to the exterior of your home has become a trend in recent years. Is your TV too boring? Make it look like a gallery painting or blend seamlessly into your home with Samsung Frame. LG’s newly announced transparent TV.

And the latest technology item to get the yaasification treatment is the humble router.of Marble Wi-Fi 6 OpenWrt Router GL.iNet’s pieces look like small framed pieces of art that can be hung on the wall or propped up on a desk.

An AI assistant that calls 911 for you

At LG’s press event, the company announced the following: Smart home AI agent. The “bipedal” wheeled robot works as an assistant in sync with LG home appliances. Generative AI allows you to chat with AI agents, the company claims. show empathy. In the company’s hyper-realistic, Pixar-like promotional videos, the bot can remind users to take their medication or call 911 in a crisis.

A bidet that lets you talk

Kohler PureWash E930 bidet seat with voice commands

Image credits: koehler

Hey, Alexa? Turn on the bidet spray. Mr. Kohler introduced PureWash E930 bidet seat Includes voice command support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With the voice assistant, you can control the seat hands-free, turn on the bidet’s spray and dry functions, and the self-cleaning UV function. Just make sure no one sees you talking to the toilet.

Muzzle-like sound-absorbing mask

Skyted voice capture mask.

Image credits: Haje Kamps (Opens in new window) /Tech Crunch (Opens in new window)

Goodbye, nosy eavesdroppers. Skyted’s “Mobility Privacy Mask” and “Hybrid Silent Mask” are designed to “absorb audio frequencies” in noisy environments such as airplanes, trains, and rideshares, allowing you to stay more private. You can communicate with According to founder Stefan Helsen. The company aims to achieve this goal. bane-like mask In offices, call centers, and even gaming environments.

An AI-powered stroller that rocks your baby for you

GlüxKind's AI-powered stroller

Image credits: graxkind

Raising children is hard. GlüxKind hopes that’s enough for you to put your child in its hands – the wheel. AI-powered stroller, Ella. This stroller touts the ability to push hands-free, stop automatically on hills, and gently rock your child without lifting a finger. The stroller also has a built-in white noise machine function.

The uncanny valley where you can brainstorm

One of the most notable “Who asked for this?” The product announced at CES is the GPT version of WeHead. AI-powered heads bring faces and physicality to ChatGPT, rather than a purely virtual AI experience. The mannequin-like setup with multiple screens is meant to act as a best friend for exchanging ideas, but we’re most impressed by how strange it looks and feels like it can be manipulated. I’m paying attention to crab.

A pocket AI assistant that scrolls through your phone

Want to order pizza? Instead of pulling out your phone, unlocking it, finding and opening your delivery app, and navigating the UI to complete your order (so tedious!), why not just ask? Rabbit R1 Does it do it for you? Designed by Teenage Engineering, the device operates based on a “verbal action model” rather than a voice-only AI assistant like Siri or Alexa, allowing it to virtually perform requested tasks.

A clever mollusk that can monitor water pollution

From phones to televisions and even toilets, everything has to be “smart” these days. What about molluscs? Inspired. MolluSCAN CEO and co-founder Ludovic Quinault believes that simple, non-invasive sensors attached to clam and oyster shells can monitor everything from feeding to reproduction to stress responses, which can be used to monitor water quality and potential We found that it can be a good predictor of contamination.

TV that folds into a statue

Love your TV but wish you could fold it up and turn it into a piece of art? Boy, I have some good news for you. C SEED’s Her N1 Folding TV is made up of five of his MicroLED panels and displays a Brutalist-looking sculpture in your living room from a whopping 137-inch screen in about 90 seconds. can. The so-called Adaptive Gap Calibration means there is no visible hinge between the screens, revealing a seamless viewing experience when fully unfolded. This also starts at $200,000.

YouTube poster

CPR dummy that breathes and pees

how realistic is it Too Is it realistic? adam x Medical-X’s patient simulators are designed for a variety of medical training exercises, including injecting IV fluids, using defibrillators, and CPR. The company realistically replicates the human skeletal anatomy and provides responsive feedback based on patient needs and accuracy. According to EngadgetThe company plans to include features like GPT in the future to more directly support physician training. ADAM-X also includes simulated body fluids such as blood and urine for accurate training practices. Let’s go, science.

A smart mirror that claims to be able to sense if you’re depressed

The one-way mirror on the wall, why am I so stressed out?Barracoda calls her BMind The world’s first AI-equipped smart mirror For mental health. Miller uses her AI and natural language processing to identify moods based on gestures, facial expressions, and tone. The mirror can then chat with you, generate guided meditation exercises and self-affirmations, and perform light therapy sessions through the mirror’s edge.

CNC mill like the 90s

Coast Runner CNC Mill on display at CES 2024

Coast Runner CNC Mill on display at CES 2024

This is different that A really strange product, but its appearance is so eye-catching that it cannot be ignored.In fact, this is part of Coast Runner’s great mission. Making computer numerical control (CNC) machines more accessible For both professionals and enthusiasts. For those not familiar with the field, CNC machines allow for the standardization and automation of manual processes, such as cutting and 3D printing components on an assembly line.

But look at this graphic that references the 1992 disposable cup design “Jazz” (It has since lived a life of its own online.) In an event that features so many gory or confusing aesthetics, a little nostalgia is cool and refreshing.

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