Arbitrum and Azuki collaborate to create new anime blockchain

This collaboration resulted in the birth of AnimeChain.

Ethereum Layer 2 network Arbitrum and NFT collection AZUKI are joining forces to bring anime, a popular Japanese anime genre, into the world of blockchain.

Dubbed AnimeChain, the platform aims to leverage Azuki’s budding anime ecosystem, along with Arbitrum’s impressive $4.3 billion market cap, fast speeds, and hundreds of dApps.

“Through our anime works, games, and physical products, we will demonstrate the power of a decentralized model for growing IP on Anime Chain,” Azuki’s social media account on X said. I wrote it today.

ARB briefly spiked on today’s news, jumping from $1.68 to $1.72 and currently trading at $1.64. While most of the crypto markets have enjoyed significant gains over the past month, ARB has remained on the sidelines, declining 13% on the day.