6 Top Tech Companies in Montreal

The technology industry is vast, and many of its largest and most influential companies aim to expand their customer base and talent pool by doing business internationally. Montreal is one of several Canadian cities with a thriving tech workforce. As technology workers flock to the country and the city’s universities provide education and training to new job seekers, here are some of Montreal’s top tech companies.

Montreal’s top technology companies

  • Pax 8
  • HEICO Companies LLC
  • drop box
  • shark ninja
  • morgan stanley
  • ADP
  • C.G.I.

Top 6 tech companies in Montreal

Industry: cloud, IT, software

Pax 8 is an enterprise software marketplace. The platform brings together the best productivity and operational tools from Bitdefender, Liongard, AWS, and more to simplify the purchasing process for our clients. Through Pax8, clients can group software into consolidated billing experiences. The company also offers educational courses, events, and professional services through its marketplace.

Pax8 is hiring | View available roles

Industry: Manufacturing, construction and industrial services

HEICO Companies, LLC is a network of manufacturing, construction and industrial services businesses. The company operates an Industrial Technology Group and a Canadian Metal Fabrication Group, which includes his three businesses across six locations in Quebec and Ontario and employs approximately 1,500 team members. Masu.

HEICO Companies, LLC is hiring | View available jobs

Industry: software, cloud, productivity

Dropbox products and services make it easy for customers to share large files and collaborate on projects. For example, the Dropbox Capture feature allows users to take and share screenshots and screen recordings. Dropbox Sign also lets you collect and track legally binding signatures virtually.

Dropbox is hiring | View open jobs

Industry: Retail, e-commerce, manufacturing

SharkNinja is committed to bringing quality consumer products to market at the highest speed. Its product line includes vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, blenders, air fryers, and ice cream makers. The company holds over 3,000 of his patents and trades through his over 150 retail outlets worldwide.

SharkNinja is hiring | View available jobs

industry: Financial operations

Morgan Stanley provides investment banking and market research services to entrepreneurs, CEOs, corporations, hedge funds, individual investors, governments and other institutions. Founded in the 1930s, the company employs more than 80,000 professionals with operations in more than 30 countries.

Morgan Stanley is hiring | View available jobs

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industry: HR tech

Talent management teams of all sizes use ADP’s cloud-based tools and solutions to handle activities such as payroll processing and screening new hire candidates. The company offers a suite of products that can be integrated with other popular software for human resources and finance functions, and its app marketplace provides customers with a library of options tailored to their business needs.

ADP is hiring | View available jobs

industry: IT consulting

CGI provides consulting services and technology solutions to companies in a variety of industries, including banking, utilities, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, and transportation. Its products are designed to help businesses solve challenges, embrace a changing digital environment, and implement operational practices that drive success. CGI’s more than 90,000 consultant employees operate in hundreds of different locations around the world.

CGI is hiring | View available jobs

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