100 Biggest Technology Companies in the World

In this article, we will look at 100 Biggest Technology Companies. If you want to skip our detailed analysis of the largest technology companies, head over to 20 Biggest Tech Companies. 

Technology provides scientific solutions for human aims. The technological revolution after the World War 2 has continued its momentum as most of the largest companies in the world today are technology companies. One of the reasons behind their massive success is the fact that tech has made its way into our daily lives. It has facilitated human communication, provided faster commutes, and helped save time and effort. In addition, technology has helped businesses increase their production and lower input costs. It has also played a vital role in the healthcare sector, which continues to improve and make lives healthier, happier, and longer.

The tech industry, however, is grappling with macroeconomic uncertainties. It faces issues revolving around the supply chain problems and increasing interest rates. These issues are caused by the pandemic-induced chip shortage, which has affected 169 industries, and the ensuing inflationary period. Tech stocks outperformed during the pandemic pressures of 2020-2021, but there were major declines in 2022. However, between 2022 and 2023, the global IT industry experienced a compound annual growth rate of 8.2%. 

Current macroeconomic conditions throughout the world, however, may stall the tech industry’s growth. It faces a significant challenge in navigating a potential economic slowdown. This will result in trimming costs and increasing efficiency. Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG), already reduced its workforce by approximately 12,000 employees earlier this year. With the decreasing spending power of consumers, tech companies are also looking to extend their reach to other businesses. These companies are aiming to support digital transformation and innovation in industries throughout the world. 

Whether the tech industry will successfully navigate its upcoming challenges remain to be seen. However, given our dependence on technology, most experts stay optimistic about the future. The good news for tech investors is that despite expense cuts, the stock prices of top tech companies have shown a positive trend so far this year.

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) opened the year with a stock price of $239.58, which reached $316.48 on August 18th, 2023. Apple (NASDAQ: APPL)’s stock price at the start of this year was $126.36, which is at $174.49 on August 18th, 2023. Similarly, Amazon opened the year at $85.82 in stock price, which is now at $133.22 on August 18th, 2022. Alphabet, Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) and Nvidia Corp (NASDAQ: NVDA) also showed an increase in stock price, with the latter’s stock price more than tripling in eight months. 

Artificial Intelligence is playing a significant role in shaping the future of our world and the tech industry. Recently, generative AI has become quite popular, and top tech companies are racing to utilize this trend to their advantage. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) has formed a commercial partnership with Open AI, the founder of Chat GPT, to accelerate AI breakthroughs. Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has launched its own generative AI named Bard. We previously touched upon the fact that the stock price of Nvidia Corp (NASDAQ: NVDA), one of the big 5 tech companies, tripled this year. The popularity and advancements in generative AI are one of the reasons for this, as Nvidia controls 80 percent market share of GPU chips. These chips are also utilized for generative AI (see 10 Best AI Stocks to Buy Under $10)

100 biggest technology companies100 biggest technology companies

100 biggest technology companies



We ranked the top 100 tech companies based on their total market capitalization. Our list of the top 100 tech companies is based on market capitalization as of August 21st, 2023.  

100 -Delta Electronics, Inc. ( TPE: 2308)

Market Cap – $28.02 B

Delta Electronics, Inc. is a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company that specializes in DC Industrial and computer fans. Its headquarters are located in Taipei.

99 -Mobileye Global Inc. ( NASDAQ: MBLY)

Market Cap – $28.81 B

Mobileye Global Inc (NASDAQ: MBLY) is a pioneer in driver assist technologies. Today, its sensors are used in self-driving cars. 

98 – Datadog Inc. ( NASDAQ: DDOG)

Market Cap – $29.06 B

Datadog Inc. provides observability services for cloud-scale applications. The company has around 300 employees and is headquartered in New York. 

97 – Adyen NV ( AMS: ADYEN)

Market Cap – $29.69 B

Ayden is an acquiring bank that allows businesses to collect e-commerce payments. It is based in the Netherlands and is listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.  

96 – Renesas Electronics Corp ( TYO: 6723)

Market Cap – $29.74 B

Renesas is a semiconductor manufacturer based in Japan. It is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world.

95 -Palantir Technologies Inc. ( NYSE: PLTR)

Market Cap – $29.97 B

Palantir Technologies is an American company, which is headquartered in Denver Colorado. It is known for three projects (Gotham, Apollo, and Foundry). Project Gotham is used by the United States Intelligence Community and Department of Defense for counter-terrorism analysis. 

94 – Veeva Systems Inc. ( NYSE: VEEV)

Market Cap – $30.06 B

Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, Veeva System Inc. is a cloud computing company that focuses on pharmaceuticals and life sciences. On February 1, 202, it became the first publicly traded company to convert to a Public Benefit Organization. 

93 – Globalfoundries Inc. ( NASDAQ: GFS)

Market Cap – $30.17 B

GlobalFoundries Inc. is a semiconductor contract manufacturing and design company. It manufactures integrated circuits for markets such as mobility, computing, and the Internet of Things. 

92 – Wolters Kluwer NV ( AMS: WKL)

Market Cap – $30.25 B

Wolters Kluwer NV is a Dutch company with headquarters in the Netherlands as well as the United States. It is an information services company that serves compliance, risk management, insurance, legal, business, and healthcare markets. 

91 – DoorDash Inc. ( NYSE: DASH)

Market Cap – $30.26 B

DoorDash operates an online food processing and ordering platform. It is a San Francisco-based company that has a 56% market share of the United States food delivery market. 

90 – Amadeus It Group SA (BME: AMS)

Market Cap – $30.41 B

Amadeus IT Group is an It provider for the global travel and tourism industry. Based in Spain, it specializes in making softwares for airline companies, hotels, and travel agencies. 

89 – HP Inc. ( NYSE: HPQ)

Market Cap – $30.52 B

Headquartered in Palo Alto California, HP Inc. develops computers, printers, and related supplies. The company formerly also sold softwares to consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises. 

88 – CoStar Group Inc. ( NASDAQ: CSGP)

Market Cap – $31.81 B

CoStar Group Inc. provides information, analytics, and marketing services to the commercial property industry in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, and Spain. It is an American company with headquarters in Washington DC. 

87 – Coupang Inc. ( NYSE: CPNG)

Market Cap – $32.19 B

Coupang Inc. is the largest online marketplace in South Korea. It is a South Korean company which is based in Seattle.

86 – Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA)

Market Cap – $32.31 B

Headquartered in Redwood City, California, EA Games is an American video games company. EA is considered a pioneer in the computer game industry. 

85 – Global Payments Inc. (NYSE: GPN)

Market Cap – $32.73 B

Global Payments Inc. is a financial technology company that provides payment technology and services to merchants. It is an American company that was listed in the Fortune 500 in 2021. 

84 – Fidelity National Information Services ( NYSE: FIS)

Market Cap – $33.21 B

Fidelity National Information Services Inc. is an American company that offers financial products and services. The company serves more than 20,000 clients throughout the world. 

83 – MediaTek Inc. ( TPE: 2454)

Market Cap – $33.89 B

Media Tech Inc. is a Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer which specializes in making chips for wireless communication, high-definition TV, and handheld devices such as mobiles and tablets. The company has 25 offices throughout the world. 

82 – Block Inc ( NYSE: SQ)

Market Cap – $33.93 B

Block is an American publicly traded company which is known for its payment platform ‘square’. Square allows small and medium businesses to accept credit card payments and use mobile phones and tablets as payment registers for point-of-sale systems. 

81 – Crowdstrike Holdings Inc ( NASDAQ: CRWD)

Market Cap – $34.23 B

Based in Austin, Texas, Crowdstrike Holdings Inc. is an American cybersecurity technology company. The company provides endpoint security and threat intelligence services. 

80 – Trade Desk Inc (NASDAQ: TTD)

Market Cap – $34.80 B

Headquartered in Ventura, California, Trade Desk Inc specializes in real-time programmatic marketing automation technologies. Its products improve the return on investment for companies and advertisers. 

79 – Kuaishou Technology ( HKG: 1024)

Market Cap – $35.27 B

Kaishou is a Beijing-based platform that offers content community and social media. It also provides software development, maintenance, and service. 

78 – Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd ( TYO: 6981)

Market Cap – $35.51 B

Murata Manufacturing Co LTD. manufactures ceramic Pacific electric components, high-frequency parts, and sensors. It is based in Japan and has a majority market share worldwide in ceramic filters. 

77 -Delta Electronics Thailand PCL ( BKK: DELTA)

Market Cap – $35.84 B

Delta Electronics is a Thailand-based electronic exporter and manufacturer of power supplies and electronic components such as cooling fans, solenoids, and EMI filters. 

76 – ON Semiconductor Corp ( NASDAQ: ON)

Market Cap – $38.88 B

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, On Semiconductor Corp is a semiconductor supplier. It manufactures products for automotive, communication, computing, medical, aerospace, and consumer markets. 

75 -Xiaomi Corp ( HKG: 1810)

Market Cap – $39.12 B

Xiaomi Corp is a Chinese manufacturer of consumer electronics, household hardware, and home appliances. The company is well known for its smartphones in Asian markets. 

74 -Iqvia Holdings Inc. (NYSE: IQV)

Market Cap – $39.74 B

Iqvia Holdings Inc. is an American company that provides biopharmaceutical development and commercial outsourcing services. It has more than 880,000 employees in more than 100 countries. 

73 – Dell Technologies Inc ( NYSE: DELL)

Market Cap – $39.89 B

Dell is an American developer and seller of personal computers. It is headquartered in Round Rock, Texas. 

72 – TE Connectivity Ltd (NYSE: TEL)

Market Cap – $40.28 B

TE Connectivity is a US-based Swiss company that designs and manufactures semiconductors for various industries. These industries include automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, and aerospace. 

71 – Constellation Software Inc. (TOTSE: CSU)

Market Cap – $42.03 B

Based in Toronto, Canada, Constellation Software Inc. is a software company. The company has 25000 employees that serve over 6 operating segments. 

70 – Autodesk, Inc. ( NASDAQ: ADSK)

Market Cap – $42.46 B

Autodesk, Inc. is an American software firm. The company makes softwares for numerous industries, including engineering, architecture, construction, and education. 

69 – Microchip Technology Inc. ( NASDAQ: MCHP)

Market Cap – $43.05 B

Based in Chandler Arizona, Microchip Technology Inc. produces microcontrollers, mixed-signal, analog, and flash ip integrated circuits. 

68 – STMicroelectronics NV ( NYSE: STM)

Market Cap – $43.21 B

STMicroelectronics NV is a Dutch manufacturer and provider of semiconductors. It is headquartered in Plan-les Quates, near Geneva. 

67 – Fortinet Inc. ( NASDAQ: FTNT)

Market Cap – $45.07 B

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Fortinet Inc. develops and sells security solutions. Its products include firewalls and end-point security systems. 

66 – Baidu Inc ( NASDAQ: BIDU)

Market Cap – $45.72 B

Baidu Inc. is a Chinese technology company that specializes in Internet-related services. It is one of the largest AI and internet companies. 

65 – Infineon Technologies AG ( OTCMKTS: IFNNY)

Market Cap – $45.99 B

Infineon Technologies AG is a Germany-based technology company. It is Germany’s largest semiconductor manufacturer. 

64 -Foxconn Technology Co Ltd ( TPE: 2354)

Market Cap – $46.42 B

Foxconn Technology Co Ltd is a Taiwanese developer, manufacturer, and seller of computers and consumer electronics. 

63 -Atlassian Corp ( NASDAQ: TEAM)

Market Cap – $47.63 B

Atlassian Corp is an Australian software company. It develops products for software developers and project managers. 

62 – Snowflake Inc. ( NYSE: SNOW)

Market Cap – $47.88 B

Snowflake Inc. is an American publicly traded company that offers cloud-based data storage and analytics. 

61 -Marvell Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: MRVL)

Market Cap – $49.50 B

Based in Santa Carls, California, Marvell Technology Inc. develops and produces semiconductors and their related technologies. The company has more than 10,000 patents worldwide. 

60 -NXP Semiconductors NV ( NASDAQ: NXPI)

Market Cap – $50.15 B

NXP Semiconductors NV is a Dutch semiconductor manufacturer and designer with 31,000 employees in more than 30 countries. 

59 -Nintendo ADR ( OTCMKTS: NTDOY)

Market Cap – $50.39 B

Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, Nintendo is a video game company. It develops and publishes video game consoles and video games. 

58 – Roper Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: ROP)

Market Cap – $51.88 B

Roper Technologies Inc. makes engineered products for global markets. It is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. 

57 -Dassault Systemes SE ( OTCMKTS: DASTY)

Market Cap – $51.92 B

Dassault Systemes SE developed 3D-related products such as software for 3D product design and Simulation. It is headquartered in France and has 22500 employees throat the world. 

56 – JD.com Inc (HKG: 9618)

Market Cap – $54.60 B

Headquartered in Beijing, JD.com Inc is one of China’s largest business-to-consumer online marketplaces. 

55 – Arista Networks Inc ( NYSE: ANET)

Market Cap – $56.34 B

Arista Networks Inc is a computer networking company that sells and designs multilayer network switches. It is an American publicly traded company, which is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. 

54 – Workday Inc. ( NASDAQ: WDAY)

Market Cap – $58.47 B

Workday Inc is a software system developer that provides on-demand financial management, human capital management, and student information system solutions. Its headquarters are located in Pleasanton, California. 

53 – Cadence Design Systems Inc. ( NASDAQ: CDNS)

Market Cap – $59.87 B

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Cadence Design Systems, Inc. is an American multinational computational software company. 

52 – MercadoLibre Inc (NASDAQ: MELI)

Market Cap – $60.07 B

MercadoLibre Inc. is an Argentine company that is incorporated in the United States. The company operates an online marketplace dedicated to online auctions and e-commerce. 

51 – Palo Alto Networks Inc ( NASDAQ: PANW)

Market Cap – $63.48 B

PlaoAlto Networks Inc is a cyber security company based in Santa Clara, California. The company offers firewalls and cloud-based offerings. The company also sells computer peripherals. 

50 – SK Hynix Inc ( KRX: 000660)

Market Cap – $63.60 B

Sk Hynix Inc is a South Korean Company that supplies dynamic Random Access Memories and flash memory. It is one of the largest chip makers in the world. 

49 – Synopsys Inc ( NASDAQ: SNPS)

Market Cap – $64.53 B

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Synopsis Inc is an electronic design automation company. The company focuses on silicon design and verification, and software control and quality. 

48 – KLA Corp ( NASDAQ: KLAC)

Market Cap – $64.88 B

KLA Corporation is a California-based capital equipment company. The company supplies yield management systems for nanoelectronics companies. 

47 – PayPal Holdings Inc. ( NASDAQ: PYPL)

Market Cap – $65.38 B

Paypal Holdings Inc. is a Fintech company headquartered in San Jose, California. The company offers a widely popular payment gateway for online vendors and other commercial users. 

46- NetEase Inc (NASDAQ: NTES)

Market Cap – $65.56 B

Netease is an Internet technology company based in China. It offers content, community, and commercial platforms. 

45 – VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW)

Market Cap – $66.89 B

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, VMware, Inc. is a cloud computing and virtualization technology company. 

44 – Tokyo Electron Ltd (TYO: 8035)

Market Cap – $67.88 B

Tokyo Electron Ltd is a semiconductor company based in Japan. It is one of the largest manufacturers of IC and FPD production equipment. 

43 – Shopify Inc. ( NYSE: SHOP)

Market Cap – $68.06 B

Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify is an e-commerce company that provides a website platform for online sellers. 

42 – Micron Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: MU)

Market Cap – $69.61 B

Micron Technology Inc. produces computer memory and computer data storage. It is based in the United States, and its products are marketed under the brand name ‘Crucial’. 

41 – Equinix, Inc. ( NASDAQ: EQIX)

Market Cap – $70.50 B

Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Equinix, Inc. provides data centers. The company converted itself into a Real Estate Investment Trust in 2015. 

40 – Activision Blizzard Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI)

Market Cap – $71.09 B

Activision In.c is a video game company with five business units. The company owns some of the most-played video games such as Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot, and Guitar Hero. 

39 – Fiserv Inc ( NYSE: FI)

Market Cap – $74.28 B

Headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Fiserv provides financial technology services to clients across the financial services sector, 

38 – Airbnb Inc. (NASDAQ: ABNB)

Market Cap – $80.66 B

Airbnb Inc. operates an online marketplace for short-term homestays and experiences. The company charges a commission for each booking. 

37 – Lam Research Corp ( NASDAQ: LRCX)

Market Cap – $87.12 B

Lam Research Corp supplies wafer fabrication equipment. It is an American company headquartered in Fremont, California. 

36 – Analog Devices, Inc. ( NASDAQ: ADI)

Market Cap – $87.99 B

Analog Devices, Inc. is a semiconductor company based in the United States. It specializes in data conversion, power management, and signal processing. 

35 – Uber Technologies Inc (NYSE: UBER)

Market Cap – $88.98 B

Uber Technologies Inc provides ride-hailing services. The company operates in approximately 70 countries. 

34 – Schneider Electric SE (EPA: SU)

Market Cap – $95.15 B

Schneider Electric specializes in digital automation and energy management. It is headquartered in Rueil-Malmaison, Île-de-France, France. 

33 – Sony Group Corp ( NYSE: SONY)

Market Cap – $101.67 B

Sony Group Corp is a Japanese multinational company that is one of the largest manufacturers of consumer and professional electronic products. It also produces game consoles and video games. 


Market Cap – $102.48 B

Keyence Corporation is a Japanese company that develops and manufactures automation sensors, laser markers, and measuring equipment. 

31 – Automatic Data Processing, Inc (NASDAQ: ADP)

Market Cap – $103.39 B

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. is an American company that provides human resource management and software services. 

30 – Meituan ( HKG: 3690)

Market Cap – $103.81 B

Meituan is a Chinese company that provides a platform for l; locally found products. The company also offers different apps and websites for several services, such as restaurant reviews and food delivery. 

29 – Pinduoduo Inc. (NASDAQ: PDD)

Market Cap – $105.83 B

Pinoduduo is an online retailing company based in China. The company focuses on the traditional agricultural industry.

28 -ServiceNow Inc. (NYSE: NOW)

Market Cap – $110.76 B

Based in Santa Clara, California, ServiceNow develops cloud computing platforms to help companies manage digital workflow. In 2018, Forbes magazine listed it as number one on the list of most innovative companies. 

27 – Booking Holdings Inc. ( NASDAQ: BKNG)

Market Cap – $114.93 B

Booking Holdings Inc. is a travel company based in the United States. It owns and operates travel fare meta-search engines and aggregators. 

26 – Applied Materials, Inc. ( NASDAQ: AMAT)

Market Cap – $115.54 B

Applied Materials, Inc. supplies services, equipment, and software for the manufacture of semiconductor chips. 

25 – Qualcomm Inc. ( NASDAQ: QCOM)

Market Cap – $122.62 B

Qualcom Inc. is an American company that manufactures semiconductors and softwares for wireless technology. It also develops semiconductors components and softwares for vehicles. 

24 – IBM Corp (NYSE: IBM)

Market Cap – $128.14 B

IBM Corp is a well-known manufacturer of computer hardware, middleware, and software. The company is also one of the largest industrial research organizations in the world. 

23 – Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (NASDAQ: ISRG)

Market Cap – $136.23 B

Headquartered in America, Intuitive Surgical, Inc. develops, manufactures, and markets robotic products for the healthcare industry. Its products are designed to improve clinical outcomes. 

22 – Intel Corp ( NASDAQ: INTC)

Market Cap – $136.40 B

Intel Corp is one of the largest semiconductor chip manufacturers and sellers by revenue. It is known for its microprocessors which are used in computers. Intel also produces a variety of computer equipment such as motherboards, integrated circuits, and network interface controllers.

21 – Texas Instruments Inc. ( NASDAQ: TXN)

Market Cap – $150.51 B

Coming in at 21st position in our list of biggest tech companies is Texas Instruments Inc. It designs and manufactures semiconductors. Texas Instrument Inc. sells its semiconductors to global electronic designers and manufacturers. 

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