10 high-tech gadgets you should have in your car

Whether it’s your first car, an old car, or a new car, there are certain items you should always have in your car. Of course, the first thing you need is insurance and registration documents. It also includes useful items such as a trash can, extra glasses or sunglasses, tissues, a car manual for troubleshooting, and emergency tools.

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But there are also plenty of technology gadgets that aren’t just useful to have in your car. But it can also be a valuable device in emergencies. Some are nice to have, while others are essential for a safe driving experience and the ability to contact emergency services if necessary.

portable charging bank

Anker redux portable charger with mobile phone in hand.

Portable charging banks are one of the most underrated devices today, as most smartphones have improved batteries that last all day. However, it is useful in emergencies, especially when users are looking for the most important features of a portable charging bank. If the 12V adapter or charging cable doesn’t work, or breaks down on the side of the road and leaves the car without power, drivers may need an adapter in the car.

In any case, something that can be charged for a long time is convenient. When your phone is redundant and you’re on the go and there’s nowhere else to charge it, keep it in your glove compartment or center console.

high tech flashlight

A man holding a Bosun solar flashlight outside in the dark with a beam of light coming out of it.

High-tech flashlights come in many different forms. Some even double as cell phone chargers with USB charging ports. Some have multiple settings, such as high beams, which can be helpful if a problem occurs late at night.

For even more peace of mind, consider products with solar power or crank charging, like the Bosun SolarLight. This eliminates the need to rely on batteries or charging to function. The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck in a car in the dark trying to change a tire with a dead battery flashlight.

jump starter

Worx jump starter sitting by the car.

Jump starters usually require a second car to boost one, but there are also high-tech products like the Worx 12V multifunction jump starter, which can be used on cars with up to 4 liters of petrol or diesel engines. You can jump start the engine. up to 3 liters. Up to 30 jump starts per charge, and a battery status indicator lets you know when the battery is low. Can also be used with other vehicles such as motorcycles, ATVs, lawn tractors, and marine batteries.

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This neat device also functions as a two-way charger for mobile devices, a work light, a flashlight, and an emergency light.

durable usb cable

Belkin USB cable, black color, braided design.

Living in a particularly cold or particularly humid climate can do a lot to your cables, and even more so if they’re left in your car 24/7. Since everyone in the car will be using the mobile to fuel his devices, it’s a good idea to invest in something very sturdy that can withstand extreme temperatures as well as twisting and pulling. .

Belkin offers a wide range of durable charging cables for both Apple Lightning and USB-C devices, including Boost Charge braided USB-C to USB-C cables and microUSB for older model phones. One of the brands. These typically have a braided design so they don’t get tangled and the edges of the housing don’t tear or fray easily. Search for the best iPhone charging cable for that device, and USB-C or microUSB for other devices.

12V power adapter

Plug the Scosche Dual Charger into the 12V socket on your car's dashboard.

Originally known as cigarette lighter adapters, most people now use these ports to plug in 12V power adapters to charge mobile devices in older model cars. Newer model cars usually have built-in USB ports, and the cigarette lighter adapter is perfectly placed to serve as another valuable port for charging.

Use something with at least two USB ports, such as the Scosche PowerVolt PD60, to connect two devices at the same time and power both the driver’s and passenger’s phones. Some models have built-in cables so users do not need to obtain a separate cable.

solar power charger

Goal Zero's Nomad 10 solar charger with battery pack on top.

A solar charger is convenient to keep in the trunk of your car along with a portable charger. When exposed to the sun, it slowly charges. Although not as fast as electric chargers, they can potentially save lives by providing enough power to rapidly charge a malfunctioning phone and contact emergency services or a loved one.

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Goal Zero has a lot of great solar chargers, including the Venture 35 + Nomad 10 Solar Kit. This kit is a small solar-powered mat and charger with a USB port and 8mm cord that can be easily folded into your trunk.

bluetooth tracker

A woman sits in her car with her handbag on the passenger seat and a tile tracker clipped on.

Bluetooth trackers like Tile, Chipolo, and Apple AirTag are often touted as being perfect to keep on backpacks, gym bags, camera straps, keychains, and more. There are many items that should be monitored using Bluetooth trackers, such as cars.

Trackers are easy to disable by turning off or discarding if a thief snatches your vehicle, but they’re also easy to hide so their presence isn’t noticed. If placed in a location with a Bluetooth signal, a crowdsourcing group of other users around the world may be able to pinpoint the location of a lost or stolen vehicle.

cellular signal booster

SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 Cellular Signal Booster on a white background.

Cell Phone Signal Booster helps strengthen your cell phone signal in rural areas and known “dead zones” of wireless cell phone service. There are also boosters designed specifically for cars, like the SureCall Fusion 2Go 3.0. This includes an antenna that can receive signals from all directions from the top of the car and send it to the vehicle to provide more valuable bars.

This provides GPS location information, ensures important calls are not dropped, and messages are received properly.

amazon echo auto

Amazon Echo Auto laid flat on a white background.

Get hands-free Alexa voice control in your car with Amazon Echo Auto, which connects to your car’s built-in speakers. Equipped with 8 microphones and far-field technology, your commands can be heard over loud music, when the air conditioning or heating is running, or even loud road noise like construction. .

Connecting your car to your phone allows drivers to stream content such as e-books from Audible, music from Amazon Music and other services, listen to the latest news, make calls, and add to-do plans and items before heading out. You can also add it to your list or grocery list. Forgotten.

phone mount

The iOttie phone mount attaches to your car's dashboard and your phone sits inside your car.

A phone mount is useful if your car doesn’t have a dashboard screen that can display things like step-by-step navigation instructions. Ideally, you’ll want to buy something like the iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2, which also doubles as a wireless charger for your wireless charging-enabled phone. Home too.

Attach your phone and use an app like Waze to get turn-by-turn directions to your destination. You can also use your voice assistant to answer and make calls, read messages securely, and play videos to passengers. Find one that securely holds your phone and attaches well to your dashboard using a suction cup mount or to an air vent using a sturdy clip. Ideally, you can rotate your phone from portrait mode to landscape mode to view your desired orientation.

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