zkSync founder explains why zero-knowledge proofs are the “end goal” for blockchain scalability

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Episode 5 The Block Research Podcast was recorded in the following way. The Block CEO Larry Cermak and Matter Labs co-founder and CEO Alex Gluchowski.

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In this episode, Matter Labs co-founder and CEO Alex Gluchowski explains why zero-knowledge proofs are considered the “end goal” for blockchain scalability, and how zkSync’s technology stack supports Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution. Explain how it compares to other teams’ tech stacks you’re building. .

00:00 ZK is the end game
05:23 Trustless verifiability
08:31 Bitcoin ZK Rollup
11:15 Hyperscaling
22:22 L2 competition
29:35 EVM compatibility
34:39 zkSync milestone
42:10 Application layer
47:45 Thoughts of the end

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