US cryptocurrency advocacy group defends Roman Storm in court

Representatives from major U.S. cryptocurrency advocacy groups have filed a court brief asking a judge to dismiss charges against Tornado Cash co-founder Roman Storm. Blockchain Association, Coin Center, and DeFi Education Fund allege that Tornado Cash had no control over what was sent and stored on the platform.

They also discussed First Amendment issues regarding sanctions violations and opaque smart contracts. In an April 5 court filing, the advocacy group said the government’s allegations, if proven true, could have a negative impact on the digital asset market and the fintech sector. plead no to the felonies.

Mr. Torrey has pleaded not guilty to all charges, but is being held on $2 million bail pending a September trial in the entire case. It is his Tornado Cash that is behind this incident, as well as the US Treasury’s blacklist of cryptocurrency wallet addresses associated with it.

Tornado Cash developer Nikolai Dreduk was arrested by Dutch police in August 2022 and spent nine months in prison before being released. However, Dutch authorities say the mixer’s owner, Chaepil, is suspected of being involved with a hacker group linked to North Korea and using the mixer for money laundering.

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