Telegram announces blockchain capabilities for channel ad revenue sharing

In a major step forward into the cryptocurrency space, Telegram recently rolled out an innovative new feature. Users of this world-famous messaging platform are given the opportunity to take full advantage of the power of blockchain technology and promote their channels through advertising. Telegram will allow users to purchase advertising space using its internal digital currency “Toncoin (TON)”, which operates under the protection of its TON blockchain.

Essentially, Telegram understood the huge potential for channel owners to earn advertising revenue. In its latest announcement, the company highlighted monumental statistics showing that its channels collectively receive more than 1 trillion views each month. To take advantage of this huge viewing power, Telegram introduced a model that allows for revenue sharing. This will allow a channel owner with a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to generously claim his 50% of the advertising revenue earned from ads displayed on his channel.

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Many compelling factors led Telegram to integrate the TON blockchain into this breakthrough feature. The platform cited benefits such as low fees and fast transactions as some of the reasons for this decision. Additionally, the TON blockchain currently holds the record for the highest number of transactions processed per second. This is an amazing feat. From this, it is clear that the choice of TON was not arbitrary, but was carefully considered to provide users with all the benefits of blockchain, such as security, transparency, and convenience.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov emphasized the importance of facilitating efficient and reliable ad payments and withdrawals, suggesting that the TON blockchain will serve as a one-stop platform for these transactions. The aim, in Durov’s words, is to create a “virtuous cycle” in which the platform sells advertising and shares the proceeds with channel owners in Toncoin, allowing content creators to cash out their earnings or It is to facilitate the process of being able to reinvest and expand the channel.

Since the announcement of these groundbreaking features, the TON token has seen a bullish rise. In the past 24 hours alone, the digital currency has risen by more than 5%, reaching a trading price of $5.30. This is a significant increase on top of the insane 100% price increase witnessed last month. The significant increase in TON’s trading volume (a staggering $234,869,370 in the past 24 hours) represents a jump of over 74% compared to the previous day’s numbers.

While touting an all-time high (ATH) record of $5.69 dating back to March 25th, the surge in price and spike in trading volume following the introduction of these features puts the TON token on track for a new ATH. There is a possibility of riding it. Demand persists. However, before that, the TON token must first overcome the major resistance level at $5.45. This obstacle has so far proved insurmountable.

Based on the current TON/USD 4-hour chart, there is a support level at $5.26 that could limit a price correction after the recent uptrend. This important buffer is intended to prevent sharp downward price corrections, and at this point he suggests that the future of TON tokens is promising.

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