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blankIntroducing BitBoy: A blockchain-powered mobile game console that lets you earn Bitcoin while playing

Hong Kong-based Ordz Games is set to revolutionize the gaming industry with its latest release, BitBoy. This handheld gaming device takes inspiration from the iconic Game Boy, combining retro gaming nostalgia with the power of blockchain technology. Players can now earn Bitcoin while enjoying their favorite classic games.

The founder of Ordz Games, known as “z3th,” founded the company in 2021 after entering crypto in 2017. BitBoy is his brainchild and aims to create a unique blend of nostalgia, innovation, and community through Web3 games. The device features a sleek translucent orange design that pays homage to Bitcoin’s color.

But what sets BitBoy apart from other gaming devices is its integration with the Bitcoin blockchain. Through native applications connected to the blockchain, players can participate in a variety of video games that will be forever etched as “ordinal numbers” on the Bitcoin blockchain. Ordinal is a new way to create NFTs on Bitcoin, attaching data such as images or videos to individual satoshis.

BitBoy offers a wide selection of games, including HTML games, on-chain emulators, and ROMs. However, Ordz Games may face legal issues when dealing with gaming companies like Nintendo, which may not approve of emulator/ROM functionality. According to z3th, players must own a copy of the game to legally play her ROM.

In addition to its gaming capabilities, BitBoy also functions as a hardware wallet for managing popular Bitcoin wallet apps such as Xverse, Unisat, and Oyl wallets. Users can earn, collect, trade, and exchange right from their devices.

Additionally, BitBoy also functions as a mining machine for the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DEPIN). Although the device’s mining capacity is weak and users are unlikely to make large profits, the concept adds an exciting element for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

BitBoy’s multiplayer support via Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity opens new possibilities for community and competition. Players can also challenge their friends in 2-player or 4-player retro games, or delve deeper into MMORPGs. The device’s NFC compatibility will also enable future trading card games, seamlessly merging the physical and digital gaming worlds.

BitBoy is not only a physical device, but also a virtual device. Each device comes bundled with a 1:1 3D rendering of the physical device, which can be viewed with a VR headset. This virtual representation will also be playable on his website of the project.

The exact price of the BitBoy has not been determined, but it is expected to be around $500. Pre-orders are expected to begin in mid-April, and the device is expected to launch later this year. The company is showcasing his BitBoy at the Hong Kong Web3 Gaming Expo and plans to reveal more details during Paris Blockchain Week.

Ordz Games has ambitious plans for BitBoy, aiming to get the device into consumers’ hands by the end of the year. BitBoy is a unique combination of retro gaming and blockchain technology, giving gamers an exciting opportunity to earn Bitcoin while enjoying their favorite classic titles. While there are still concerns and uncertainties surrounding the device, it’s an interesting development for crypto enthusiasts and gamers alike.

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