Coachella partners with Avalanche to launch blockchain loyalty game

Coachella and Avalanche have teamed up to introduce Coachella Quests, a groundbreaking blockchain-based loyalty game designed to increase festival-goer engagement and loyalty. This innovative initiative represents a new approach to gamification that leverages the power of Web3 technology.


Coachella Quest attendees earn non-fungible token (NFT) stamps and points by completing various quests, granting them access to exclusive festival benefits and experiences. As players progress through the game and complete more quests, they will be eligible to redeem rewards including mystery goods boxes, VIP lounge access, unreleased music, and more.

exciting quest

Coachella Quest includes a variety of engaging quests, including Disco Shark Quest, where fans search for hidden QR codes to unlock limited edition collectibles and unreleased music. AMEX Quest offers fans the chance to claim exclusive stamps that grant access to her VIP lounge area within her AMEX activation. Additionally, Quest Hideaway invites participants to embark on a scavenger hunt-style quest to unlock rewards hidden around on-site activations by Avalanche.

Expand your festival experience with Web3

Coachella Quests leverages Web3 technology to enhance the festival experience, seamlessly blending real and digital elements to increase fan engagement and foster long-term loyalty.

coachella canvas

That journey begins with Coachella Canvas, a platform that allows fans to engage with the festival through innovative art, games, and immersive experiences. Fans can explore the Canvas Explorer Guide and create a Canvas card that serves as a unique passport to document their experiences at Coachella His Canvas.

Earn digital stamps and points

As fans complete quests, they earn digital stamps (NFTs) and associated points (XP), giving them access to exclusive prizes and festival experiences. Integration with OpenSea Wallet makes it easy to collect rewards within Canvas Quest.

Insights and engagement

Sam Schoonover, Head of Innovation at Coachella, highlights the unique opportunity for consumer insights provided by the token. As fans participate in Coachella Her Quests, they earn and own tokens that provide valuable information about their interests and activities while protecting their identity. The partnership with Avalanche will enable Coachella to experiment with new loyalty use cases on a high-throughput, cost-effective blockchain.

build sustainable relationships

Paul Chodirker, director of enterprise business development at Ava Labs, expressed enthusiasm about the token’s potential to enhance live events and drive fan engagement. He foresees how on-chain assets that provide real-world utility can foster new and sustainable relationships between music fans, festivals, and artists in the future.

On-site activations and side quests

In addition to the main quest, players can participate in side quests featuring content and experiences from partners, artists, and community programs. Attendees can also visit Avalanche activations on-site during the festival to redeem stamps, explore art installations, learn about the game, and connect with other players. Masu.

About Goldenvoice and Avalanche

Goldenvoice, the founder of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, operates a variety of music venues and promotes more than 1,600 concerts annually across North America. His smart contract platform, Avalanche, offers infinite scalability and fast transaction completion, making it the ideal platform for innovative projects like Coachella Quest.

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