China aims to become self-sufficient in emerging technologies, AI, and big data

The Chinese government has pledged to continue striving toward self-sufficiency in emerging technologies such as quantum computing.

Beijing’s latest activity report released National People’s Congress announced Tuesday that it will also step up its efforts in big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

According to the report, the company plans to launch an AI Plus initiative and will launch a number of major science and technology programs to achieve key strategic and industrial development goals.

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“We will make full use of the strengths of the new system of mobilizing resources across the country and comprehensively enhance China’s innovation capabilities,” the report said.

The Chinese government has been hit hard in recent years by trade tensions with the United States, and has made achieving technological self-sufficiency a top priority. Chip export restrictions and other components will be sent to China.

He says he wants to improve national security and economic resilience by fostering domestic innovation capacity and reducing dependence on foreign suppliers, and he sees the government’s role in dedicating resources to achieving this goal. increasingly emphasized.

Since last year, the ruling Communist Party has been given more power to shape technology-related policy as part of a major government reorganization.

According to the report, the country will also develop top-notch scientists and innovation teams, and improve mechanisms for identifying and training top innovators.

  • Reuters with additional editing by Jim Pollard

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