Arculus announces cold storage wallet integration with Provenance blockchain

Arculus®, an innovative digital security platform that provides best-in-class authentication and digital asset security, is proud to announce the launch of HASH, the native utility token of Provenance Blockchain, one of the world’s largest blockchain networks valued at approximately $10 billion. Now offers cold storage wallet support. As of February 29, 2024, we have $30 billion in total financial assets under management and transaction value supported.

Provenance Blockchain is purpose-built for regulated financial institutions, fintechs, and DeFi brands, and features institutional-grade risk and controls built into the protocol. Our core philosophy is user safety and security. With today’s announcement, users will be able to easily self-custody their HASH through Arculus® cold storage-based mobile wallets.

Given the growing need and importance of self-custody tools that give cryptocurrency users full control over their cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, Arculus has developed proprietary three-factor authentication (biometrics, private 6 digit PIN, Arculus card) and offers Arculus the most innovative refrigeration solution on the market. Arculus customers can access and transfer digital assets on the Provenance Blockchain. Anyone interested in transferring, managing, and securely storing their HASH and other digital asset holdings can purchase an Arculus Card at and access the Arculus Wallet app through the Apple Store or Google Play. can.

Arculus was developed by CompoSecure, Inc. (Nasdaq: CMPO), a leader in metal payment cards, security and authentication solutions for banks, fintechs and other businesses around the world.

“Arculus is a simple, elegant, novel, and most importantly secure digital platform for holding and transferring digital assets. Particularly appealing to many in the Provenance Blockchain ecosystem is the traditional Powered by CompoSecure, a leader in metal card and secure authentication solutions for financial institutions,” said Joshua Maddox, Head of Developer Ecosystem at Provenance Blockchain Foundation. “We are excited to welcome Arculus to the Provenance Blockchain ecosystem.”

“Provenance Blockchain has made great strides in tokenizing real-world assets, with nearly $10 billion locked in total. With Provenance Blockchain and HASH support now available through the Arculus Cold Storage Wallet, , token holders will be able to securely self-custody their digital assets, a necessary feature to participate in the growing DeFi ecosystem around Provenance and tokenized real-world assets.” Arculus Tom D’Eletto, head of product, said: “We are excited to add support for Provenance Blockchain and look forward to continuing to work with Provenance for the future of financial services.”

HASH holders and institutions interested in leveraging Provenance Blockchain can learn more by visiting

About Arculus®

Developed by CompoSecure (Nasdaq: CMPO), Arculus® is an innovative digital security platform that provides best-in-class authentication and digital asset protection. The ancient Romans called upon Arcullus, the god of safes and vaults, to ensure the protection of their precious possessions. Today, Arculus is the modern-day incarnation of this vigilant god, protecting critical digital assets and identities. Our innovative hardware and software solutions give you secure and convenient metal card and app technology, giving you sole control over the private keys of your assets.

About provenance blockchain

Provenance Blockchain modernizes financial services using properly permissioned public blockchain technology. Since 2018, leading banks, asset managers, and fintechs have leveraged the purpose-built Provenance blockchain to deploy assets cheaper, faster, and more securely than ever before. Provenance has become one of the world’s largest blockchain networks with nearly $10 billion in financial assets under management and $30 billion in supported transactions as of February 29, 2024.

The decentralized Provenance Blockchain is built on the Cosmos SDK and uniquely balances open source innovation with the added benefit of institutional-grade risk and control features built into the protocol. HASH, the native utility token, is used to pay transaction fees and enable governance. Visit Provenance Blockchain on or connect with Provenance Blockchain via Twitter. @provenancefdn And also on LinkedIn.

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