46 Top Tech Companies in London

London, a leading European tech hub, is home to companies representing a wide range of industries — from wealth management and luxury fashion to retail food services and restaurant software. In recent years investors have flocked to organizations operating in the U.K.’s capital city while companies strive to attract top tech talent from around the world. These companies in London are helping the city’s tech ecosystem continue to thrive.

Top London Tech Companies

  • McDonald’s
  • MetLife
  • GitLab
  • SharkNinja
  • Toast
  • Peloton
  • Getty Images
  • Taskrabbit


Top Tech Companies in London

Prove makes tech that can verify user identity using just a cell phone number. By tracking data from the phone’s SIM card and pairing it with data from smartphone functionality, like facial recognition, the company’s software allows users to transact with less friction while also reducing the risk of fraud in a privacy-compliant process. The company maintains an office in London. 

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Celonis is a process mining company. Process mining uses data science to look at event logs. Then, analysts assess operational processes like product manufacturing and other revenue-producing processes, gleaning insights from the event data on how to optimize to increase efficiency and profit. Headquartered in Munich, Celonis opened its London office in 2019 and hosts a 200+ member local team from a posh central location.

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Software company has a cloud-based platform that gives businesses access to a suite of products they can customize to boost collaboration and productivity. It offers features geared toward teams ranging from sales to information technology. The company’s solutions are designed to serve nonprofits, small and medium sized businesses and enterprises like Canva, Lionsgate and Glossier. Is Hiring | View Open Jobs


Duo Security operates a platform that connects organizations with customizable cybersecurity solutions that protect their networks and data from being accessed by unauthorized users. Its roster of global customers includes K-12 schools, hospitals, online banking providers and government agencies. 

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Telesign develops digital solutions designed to help enterprises foster positive customer experiences. Its Trust Engine, for example, covers multi-factor authentication and mobile data that can be used to streamline fraud prevention and customer onboarding. Telesign also enables businesses to securely engage customers across channels like email and SMS.

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Simply Business aims to make it easy for small businesses to buy insurance. It operates an online brokerage where professionals input information about their business and then select a policy based on search results collected from national carriers. Landscapers, general contractors, cafes, Etsy sellers, florists, apparel retailers and other business types look to Simply Business for insurance solutions.

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ZS is a global consulting firm with an emphasis on serving organizations in the healthcare space, though it also works with businesses from industries like telecommunications and retail. ZS leverages expertise in areas including sales, marketing, AI and analytics, digital transformation and supply chain and manufacturing operations to help its clients overcome business challenges.

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LeanIX makes enterprise architecture management software that’s designed to support a client company’s IT ecosystem. More than 1,100 enterprise clients use LeanIX’s product, which includes features for putting together collaborative to-do lists, building customizable data dashboards and setting up automations that reduce manual tasks. These solutions are meant to enhance a business’ ability to oversee both granular and high-level processes.

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Incorporating photography, communication services and social media, Snap provides users with a platform for sharing videos, images and messages. The Snapchat mobile app includes the My AI chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology. My AI allows users to engage in conversations, answer trivia questions, receive travel suggestions and brainstorm gift ideas while also providing valuable feedback for ongoing improvements to the technology.

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ThousandEyes makes digital experience monitoring software. When a client company signs on for its service, it receives real-time reporting on network health, performance and user experience. Pricing for the service is based on visibility needs — essentially, clients pay for exactly the amount and type of monitoring they require, and nothing more.  

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Akeneo makes cloud-based product information management software for the e-commerce and retail sectors. The company’s software is used to gather and manage complex product data and turn it into actionable insights that can be deployed to improve customer experience. Founded in France and serving clients with global, multilingual customer bases, Akeneo maintains an office in London.

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Trustpilot is an online platform that lets users explore and post reviews for businesses such as car dealers, furniture stores, insurance agencies, apparel stores and banks. The company also offers solutions that are intended to help businesses grow their customer base. Trustpilot also integrates with other common business tools like Hootsuite and Shopify.

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Clari makes revenue tech software products and offers services in the same space. Its core offering is the Clari Revenue Platform, which includes a revenue database, APIs, an insights lab, numerous integrations and enterprise services. Also available are a suite of revenue software products, including Copilot and Groove. Copilot offers revenue conversation intelligence and coaching, while Groove handles sales engagement and prospecting.   

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EPAM uses its expertise in digital transformation to serve a worldwide roster of clients. It provides them with a broad array of services ranging from support for mergers and acquisitions to consulting on digital risk management strategy. EPAM works with clients in industries such as gaming, telecommunications, retail, travel, wealth management, energy and education.

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Canoe makes tech that automates processes for alternative investing, which involves investments in financial assets outside of the conventional investment categories of stocks, bonds and cash. Its tools handle document collection and data extraction, enable data access and allow users to create workflows for data collection and analysis.

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Miro, a versatile visual collaboration and workspace platform, strengthens project and product development capabilities for businesses and interdisciplinary teams. It facilitates collaboration among product development, UX/UI and other teams while also supporting tasks like mapping out workflows and collecting project feedback.  

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FloQast makes corporate accounting software to automates common processes like reconciliations and document requests. The software integrates with ERPs and other enterprise tools, like Oracle NetSuite and Slack. The recipient of a “Great Place to Work” certification in the UK, FloQast is used by clients like Shopify, Indeed, Instacart and the Los Angeles Lakers.  

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Box makes software for file sharing, content management and cloud computing. Its software products include services for document e-signatures, collaboration on files, workflow automation and IT admin. The company is invested in the style and culture of London and to that end features a full-size London taxi that functions as a private meeting room in its UK headquarters.  

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HAVI operates three businesses: logistics tech provider HAVI Supply Chain, marketing tech company tms and reusable food and drink storage brand Stanley. The company has been around since the 1970s, and today has over 10,000 team members whose work centers “on innovating, optimizing and managing the supply chains of leading brands.”

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Sojern is an adtech company focused on the travel industry. Its travel marketing platform is designed to provide hospitality businesses with data and intelligence that enables them to better identify and connect with their target audiences. The company also offers AI-powered solutions like its smart concierge to enhance guest engagement.

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Samsara offers its AI-infused Connected Operations Cloud to give client companies the capabilities to boost safety and sustainability while also streamlining operations based on IoT data. Its customers come from industries like transportation, construction, utilities, manufacturing and retail.

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Take-Two Interactive is behind the development and publishing of multiple popular video game franchises. It’s the parent company responsible for the following studios: 2K, Rockstar Games, Private Division and Zynga. Gamers play their titles across a variety of systems, including mobile, PC and console platforms.

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Brands turn to tms for a combination of expertise in technology, marketing and sourcing. For example, tms has worked with clients to develop gamified experiences for engaging their customers and to implement tech solutions that provide them with real-time data insights about their customers. The company employs 1,200 professionals to serve a global client roster that includes notable brands such as Adidas, T-Mobile, H&M and Samsung.

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Epsilon provides digital solutions for marketers working in industries like retail, tourism, healthcare and entertainment. For example, Epsilon Digital is an AI-powered marketing platform brands can use to discover more of their in-market customers and get relevant messaging in front of them.

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AlphaSights provides frictionless access to expert knowledge. The company’s 1500+ global team connect the world’s top investors and business leaders to a network of subject matter experts via its platform. Under the hood, AlphaSights’ proprietary knowledge graph applies machine learning to over 25 million expert-to-company relationships to power the platform with precisely matched experts. The company has facilitated over one million client-expert connections.

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Northern Trust is a wealth management firm that specializes in all things assets, from service to management. Its client base is made up of high-net-worth individuals and families, as well as companies, financial institutions, nonprofits and pension funds. The company manages over one trillion dollars in assets and offers mutual funds, ETFs, multi-asset solutions and outsourced investment solutions. 

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Aristocrat is a gaming tech company that makes software for consumers to play on their mobile phones and live at casinos. It operates several game franchises, including Pixel United, Anaxi and the eponymous Aristocrat Gaming brand. The company offers hardware, service and maintenance for casino games, as well as integrated marketing campaigns. 

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McDonald’s iconic Golden Arches are one of the most recognizable brand logos in the world. As the biggest food services retailer in the world, its global franchise network of fast food restaurants includes over 36,000 locations. The company has long been a leader in automation and tech-driven innovation in the food services space and continues to invest heavily in AI and machine learning to drive further innovation. 

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Tapestry is a multinational luxury fashion holding company, which is the parent company of Coach New York, Kate Spade New York and Stuart Weitzman. Across the three labels, Tapestry designs, manufactures and retails ready-to-wear clothing as well as high-end accessories like wallets, shoes, jewelry, luggage and handbags. 

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Peloton, the media and athletic equipment company known for its pandemic-prized stationary bikes and remote workout classes, specializes in fitness tech for the home-based athlete. Peloton expanded its offering past the original bike to include a treadmill and a rower. The company also offers the Peloton Guide, a device that works with customers’ televisions to bring strength training programming into home gyms. 

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Navan is a platform that plans, tracks and reports corporate expenses and travel. When team members need to travel for business, Navan’s live agents assist with booking travel. The traveling employee then uses the Navan dashboard to record expenses and submit receipts, streamlining the process and shortening the lag time between spending on travel and reimbursement. 

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Toast restaurant software takes all the messy, high-urgency processes that make up operations in the hospitality industry and streamlines them into smooth workflows with sturdy hardware built to survive restaurant life. From point-of-sale systems to remote ordering platforms, the company serves restaurants from fast casual to fine dining, as well as alternative spaces like food trucks and kiosks. 

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MetLife is an insurance provider that offers health, life, auto and homeowner’s insurance to individual clients, as well as annuities and employee benefit programs for companies. MetLife has been in business for over 200 years and relies on personalized insurance products to maintain long-standing relationships with enterprise clients.

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InterSystems makes cloud-based database management products that handle large quantities of sensitive data. Working with clients in the healthcare, financial services and life sciences industries, it manages information at scale and provides critical analytics with products like TrakCare, which replaces the electronic medical record with a unified health information system.

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SharkNinja’s product design tech has resulted in several viral products, from the Shark vacuum cleaner and the Ninja blender to the TikTok-famous Ninja CREAMi ice cream maker. Its e-commerce strategies invest heavily in innovative product development (the company holds over 3000 patents), influencer marketing and strategic retail presence, working with 150 retail outlets globally. 

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Zoom has largely cornered the market on videoconferencing with its remote work and education solutions. Beyond the signature virtual meeting offering, there is also an appointment scheduler, an online whiteboard, team chat options and video recording. It also offers an AI assistant that comes with all paid accounts and can draft emails and messages, summarize meetings and chat threads, and do creative brainstorming. 

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ADP is an HR tech company that handles payroll and human capital management. ADP software manages workforces, talent, recruiting and hiring. It also administers benefits and retirement packages, health insurance and workers’ compensation payments, with specialized tiers of service for small, medium and enterprise client businesses. 

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More Companies Hiring in EuropeTop Tech Companies in Dublin is a fintech company that functions as a payment services provider, processing payments for client companies. The software is modular so client companies can pick and choose which features they want to include on their platforms. Founded in 2009, the company is valued at over 40 billion dollars and serves clients like Netflix, Uber Eats, Sony, Pizza Hut and Coinbase. Is Hiring | View Open Jobs 


HiBob is an HR tech company that offers cloud-based workforce management products. Handling everything from payroll to employee satisfaction surveys and 360-degree performance reviews, the HiBob product uses data to generate solutions and features sophisticated automations that contribute to workplace equity and transparency.

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Getty Images is a visual media company that supplies stock images, editorial photography, video and audio content, pulling from a library of nearly 500 million creative assets. The company’s website serves as a repository for photo and video content, where clients can find images and then pay for usage rights to download them. Every Getty image or video is licensed, and users pay for specific uses over defined periods of time. 

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Boomi is an integration software system that connects digital entities (like IoT devices, networks, and computers) in a virtual network that allows data to be shared via a flow system that runs in multiple directions at once. Once connected through Boomi, data is consolidated and made accessible to every digital entity in the defined network. 

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GitLab runs a platform for software development, which facilitates open-source code access and collaborative software building by multiple developers. The company functions as a repository as well, storing code online for users and performing quality control inspections on it while it is “banked.” Basic access (which includes most functionality) is free, while users who want to access premium management features pay for their tier of service.

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MVF is a sales company that specializes in customer acquisition, connecting customers who are engaged in purchase decisions with relevant sales teams who can close the deals. It serves industries including software, healthcare, financial services and communications, with targeted verticals within each sector that reach across more than 30 sales channels.

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M-Files is an information management company that serves knowledge workers with instant-access document organization, so that they can pull the file they need when they need it. This process works through an organizational system that locates content according to what processes to which it is most relevant, rather than by location. The company also provides business process automation, collaboration services, compliance and information control. 

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Unity is a video game software development company that specializes in immersive 3D experiences for multiplayer games. It also works with different industries by building 3D experiences for AR and VR, which can be applied to any business context (such as aerospace training) and accessed by mobile phone or desktop computer. 

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Taskrabbit is an online marketplace that pairs gig workers with people looking to hire out tasks like furniture assembly, meal prep, moving and household cleaning. The company partners with assemble-yourself furniture retailer IKEA so that people can purchase items that come with third-party assembly via Taskrabbit. “Rabbits” are vetted and maintain profiles on the site so that users can assess the quality of their work and whether their skills are a good fit.

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