0G Labs raises $35 million for modular blockchain storage for decentralized AI

0G Lab, or Zero gravity laboratorya Web3 and blockchain company, announced Monday that the company has raised $35 million in a pre-seed funding round to build a modular distributed ledger blockchain network aimed at large-scale storage for decentralized artificial intelligence systems. .

This huge pre-seed round includes over 40 Web3 ventures including Animoca, Hack VC, Stanford Builders Fund, Alliance, Orange, Symbolic Capital, Delphi Digital, No Limit Holdings, Arca, NGC, Paramita, Foresight, Crypto Banter, Joe We have attracted investment from companies. Takayama, Santiago Santos, Abstract Ventures.

0G Labs said it has achieved high scalability for distributed data by offering what it calls the first “data availability system with a built-in general-purpose storage layer.” This is achieved by separating data availability workflows into publishing and storage lanes. Providing decentralized publishing and tracking capabilities, blockchain systems handle only small amounts of data, avoiding broadcast bottlenecks and allowing storage to remain decentralized no matter where it resides.

“Data storage is an essential part of data availability, as it must answer the question of where data is published,” said 0G Labs. I have written About that system. “The ZeroGravity Data Availability System is a scalable data availability service layer built directly on top of distributed storage systems that addresses scalability issues by minimizing the amount of data transfer required for broadcast.”

Blockchain networks work by distributing data across many ledgers and encrypting and securing transactions. This reduces the chance of errors or tampering with transactions on the network.

0G said its modular blockchain design combined with decentralized storage allows it to support a large number of different data types, making it ideal for decentralized AI scenarios. According to the company, this modularity allows for significant increases in transaction speeds and lower transaction speeds compared to larger blockchains such as Ethereum, the most popular programmable blockchain. He says it can be done.

“0G is positioned as Web3’s premier modular data availability solution, including the next frontier of cryptographically enabled AI networks,” said Ed Roman, Managing Partner at Hack V. “Their data availability technology has been proven to achieve speeds over 1000x faster and cheaper than 0G.” [Ethereum Layer 1]This is just amazing. ”

According to 0G, separating the decentralized publishing and storage lanes enables near-infinite scalability of on-chain AI storage across the data storage layer. This means that new blockchain systems can easily support distributed storage of models, training data, user requests, real-time retrieval augmented generation or RAG data, and other data needed to keep AI models working properly. means.

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