Votiro named 2024 Silver Award Winner at 20th Annual Globee® for Cybersecurity Awards

Votiro is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a recipient of the 20th Annual 2024 Globee® for Cybersecurity Awards. The Globee Cybersecurity Awards highlight the achievements of outstanding companies and individuals in areas such as risk management, threat detection, cloud security, and data privacy. Its review committee is made up of more than 580 experts from all over the world and includes all types of organizations from around the world, underscoring its inclusive nature.

Votiro received Silver Awards in the Email Security and Management and Content Disarmament and Reconstruction (CDR) categories for the company’s ability to eliminate file-borne threats and maintain business productivity . Votiro’s innovative technology enables businesses to:

  • End employee fear and anxiety about opening emails and attachments from unknown sources
  • Defend against internal email threats and stop malware attempts through compromised and seemingly legitimate email accounts.
  • Security teams can now focus on important tasks instead of responding to alerts and requests to unblock files or remove content from quarantine.
  • Maximize productivity without disrupting email communications and business processes
  • Requires fewer internet policy restrictions and improves access to content.
  • Stay compliant with global security and data privacy standards

Since its founding 20 years ago, Votiro has sanitized billions of files without ever compromising the files. A sophisticated global company tested the performance of this product and found it to meet 100% of their file safety requirements. This eliminates the need for additional antivirus or sandbox licenses while preventing threats that traditional solutions continue to miss. Our plug-and-play solutions serve a wide range of industries including financial services, healthcare, media, shipping, logistics, and more.

“It’s no secret that hackers continue to exploit communication channels by hiding malicious code in seemingly innocuous documents and attachments. Even with security technology in place, malicious attempts are surprising. Our Zero Trust platform takes a “don’t trust a file” approach, allowing you to send and receive emails via email, collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, web browsers, or client-side upload portals. It scans and disarms every file across your organization,” said Ravi Srinivasan, CEO of Votiro. . “We are honored to receive the Silver Award in the CDR and Email Security category at the Globee Awards for Cybersecurity. We look forward to delivering value to our customers and partners.”

This award follows Votiro’s recent expansion into the data detection and response (DDR) space, which combines real-time cybersecurity for data privacy and threat protection. This evolution of the Votiro platform extends proven file-borne threat protection to protect the privacy of data contained in files as they move within your organization. Learn more about DDR functionality here.

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