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March 6, 2024

TRU contractors often earn as much in nine months of time work as they would in a year in a full-time, direct-hire position.

Top 3 statistics from TRU’s 2024 EDiscovery Jobs report:

  1. In 2023, 92% of job openings were remote or hybrid, but only 38% of that 92% were fully remote.
  2. 25% is the average increase in base compensation required for a job seeker to leave a fully remote position for a hybrid position.
  3. 43% of accepted offers in 2023 Discovery were contracts or employment agreements. t

March 13, 2024

By the end of 2023, burnout became the primary motivator for privacy job seekers.

Top 3 insights from TRU’s Eye on Privacy February webinar:

  1. As TRU tracks cyclical patterns in the privacy job market, contract staffing is expected to be a key trend in 2024.

  2. In 2023, 75% of candidates accepted the first offer they received, up from 45% in 2022.

  3. The new standard is a three-day in-office requirement, with emphasis on how such a requirement will lead to attrition.

March 20, 2024

For the second year in a row, TRU’s first round interviews are being conducted 100% virtually. His 90% of all subsequent interviews were also conducted virtually.

Top 3 tips for a successful elevator pitch:

  1. Cut it short, please. Please tighten firmly. Over 90 seconds!

  2. Talk about the impact you can make and why the company or role excites you.

  3. Please rehearse! Please rehearse! Please rehearse!

March 27, 2024

More than 25% of TRU contractors in the ESI sector and 38% in the Privacy sector who began work in 2023 were offered conversion to direct employment within the year. 95% of these contractors accepted his conversion in 2023. For more information, see the 2024 eDiscovery Jobs Report.

Top 3 tips for job seekers:

  1. Expect conversations about digital footprints.
  2. Separate questions about culture from questions about remote flexibility, benefits, bonuses, and management style.
  3. Focus on actual experience, not hypotheticals.

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