Public Knowledge Applauds FTC’s Move to Investigate Big Tech and AI Partnerships

Today, the Federal Trade Commission announced an investigation called the 6(b) Investigation into Investments in Generative Artificial Intelligence and Partnerships with Major Cloud Service Providers. The agency will review its corporate agreements with AI providers in order to “improve internal understanding of these relationships and their impact on the competitive environment.”

The FTC sent mandatory information requests to Alphabet, Amazon, Anthropic, Microsoft, and OpenAI, the maker of chatGPT. Public Knowledge applauds his FTC’s actions in investigating the potential competitive concerns where Big Tech and AI meet and looks forward to reviewing the findings.

The following can be attributed to Elise Phillips, Policy Advisor at Public Knowledge.

“We are pleased that the FTC is conducting an investigation into partnerships between generated AI and cloud service providers. This important research informs the public and provides government agencies with valuable information to consider future actions. We hope that the FTC’s spotlight on these AI partnerships will lead to more competitive digital markets and stronger regulatory oversight of AI markets.”

Media members can contact Shiva Stella, Director of Communications, with inquiries or interview requests, or join Public Knowledge’s press list at or 405-249-9435 ).

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