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Honeywell has announced that Petroleos del Peru SA (PetroPeru), one of Peru’s largest hydrocarbon producers, refiners and distributors, will strengthen the cyber resilience of PetroPeru’s refinery operations and accelerate broader digital transformation. announced the introduction of Honeywell’s cybersecurity solutions to support

PetroPeru’s multi-year investment in Honeywell includes access to Honeywell’s cybersecurity consulting support, managed security services and threat detection capabilities. Honeywell will help PetroPeru further expand its operational technology (OT) cybersecurity efforts to improve visibility of potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats across its systems.

Fernando Villacorta Padilla, Principal Controls and Advanced Applications Engineer at PetroPeru, said: “Honeywell’s cybersecurity services complement the innovative software solutions we have previously developed to support our digitalization efforts and refinery modernization projects.”

PetroPeru’s implementation of Honeywell’s cybersecurity solutions builds on its previously integrated Honeywell Forge Workforce Competency Solution, which the company now uses to train its industrial workforce to operate more securely and efficiently. I’m using this solution. The additional integration of Honeywell’s cybersecurity solutions will help further improve operational efficiency, safety and security programs across PetroPeru’s plants and refineries.

“Without strong cybersecurity capabilities, energy companies that rely heavily on technology and information systems to operate face serious consequences, including financial loss, business disruption, reputational damage, and environmental risks. ,” said Sunil Pandita, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Cybersecurity. Connected Industrial. “PetroPeru is already at the forefront of digital transformation in the energy sector, and Honeywell’s cybersecurity solutions help PetroPeru to identify and minimize potential cyber risks in near real-time and provide customer It helps us achieve safer and more efficient operations that benefits both our employees.”

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