New analysis links financial performance and cybersecurity posture

A company with advanced technology cyber security New analysis from Diligent and Bitsight shows that companies outperform and return nearly four times as much to shareholders as their peers with more fundamental cyber postures.

of report This should be welcome news for SEC-regulated companies whose cyber teams are competing for resources as they continue to adapt to SEC regulations. New Cybersecurity Disclosure Regulations.

“Cybersecurity is more than just an IT issue; it’s an enterprise risk that has a significant impact on a company’s short-term performance and long-term health, and one that executives and boards need to stay informed of. ,” said Dottie Schindlinger. , Executive Director of Diligent Institute. “With increasing pressure from regulators to demonstrate how organizations oversee cybersecurity, now is the time for boards and leaders to build cyber risk capabilities.”

The five-year and three-year average total shareholder returns for companies with advanced security performance ratings were 71% and 67%, respectively, compared to 37% for companies in the basic performance range over the same period. Achieved a profit of 14%.

Other findings from the report include:

  • Approximately 76% of directors board 66% of companies in the advanced security rating are independent, compared to 66% in the basic security performance category.
  • Companies with cybersecurity experts on either their audit committees or specialized risk committees achieve an average security performance rating of 700; Companies that don’t even have a security performance rating of 580.

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