National Cyber ​​Security Center to host SSC’s Spring 2024 AEE Symposium – SatNews

The event will begin with the following greetings. Brigadier General Samuel Keener Insights that followed Chief Sergeant Jacob Simmons; The lieutenant governor of Colorado also made a special appearance. The session will feature the latest information on: N.C.C., US Spacecompresentations from universities such as . UCCS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Purdue, kansas state universitydiscuss other Space situational awareness (S.S.A.) and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Content-rich agenda delves into the technical and policy implications of assembling in space, deploying CubeSats for rapid response, and pursuing a sustainable extraterrestrial presence amidst geopolitical complexity This prioritizes the importance of space mission assurance. The event will also highlight the critical role of multi-purpose route planning and signal detection in strengthening space communications systems, along with the use of simulation and models for robust strategic planning. This discussion aims to foster an environment that prioritizes long-term sustainability and safety in space through the development of advanced supply chain management and satellite inspection technologies.

The summit brings together partners to advance a secure, resilient, and sustainable framework for space and cyberspace that contributes to national and global security.

As one of the original members of AEE, we are proud to welcome the U.S. Space Force Academic Engagement Enterprise Community to the National Cybersecurity Center.,” Said Greg Oslan, NCC CEO. “It is essential to our national security that military, government, and industry partners work together to develop the next generation of the workforce, pursue research and innovation, and enrich the Strategic Space Dialogue.

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