IBM expects cybersecurity spending to increase with advent of GenAI

The advent of generative artificial intelligence (AI) is accelerating the threat landscape and making investments in cybersecurity imperative. Monisha Oberoi, partner and director, Asia Pacific cybersecurity sales lead, IBM Consulting, said IBM expects spending on cybersecurity to increase in the coming years.

IBM recognizes that the emergence of Gen AI poses new risks and threats around the world as multiple Gen AI tools are launched. Society’s acceptance of Gen AI has forced companies to adopt it. Due to the significant risks associated with non-adoption, non-adoption is no longer considered an option.

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“For Indian businesses, large and small, we realize that cybersecurity is at the heart of any digital transformation they are undertaking. We see it getting bigger. A crucial reason for this evolution is the advent of AI,” Oberoi said. business line.

AI technology is currently at a tipping point of significant progress and maturation. She points out that this has made attackers more sophisticated, more targeted, and faster, reducing the time to launch an attack from months to minutes.

In today’s rapidly changing environment, data security and privacy have become critical for businesses facing competitive and regulatory pressures. Protecting your most valuable asset, your data, is critical. She notes that, according to an IBM report, cyberattacks are up 71% year-over-year, with most being carried out through stolen or compromised credentials, the most common vector today.

Oberoi also said IBM expects spending on cybersecurity to only increase in the coming years. she said,

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“Cybersecurity is a hugely growing area as far as spending is concerned. With the advent of GenAI, it has become even more pronounced. Across regulated markets such as BFSI, the requirements for cyber are only going to increase. At the board level. and expectations from regulators are even higher. As a result, cybersecurity funding and budgeting will certainly be on the table given that it is on today’s boardroom agenda. This is one area where the CXO or board will create a budget even if one does not exist.”

On how Generative AI can be used as a defense, Oberoi said: “The most direct impact that GenAI will have on cybersecurity defenses will be significant productivity gains, both at the human level and at the program or technology level.”

As security analysts face the challenge of spending too much time investigating alerts, slowing down manual tasks, Generative AI could be the answer. Gen AI can help you learn to automate repetitive security tasks, generate faster and clearer security content, and create active responses, ultimately improving the effectiveness of threat detection and accelerating responses while simultaneously , reducing employee limitations such as burnout and turnover.

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