How to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go | A Step--Step Guide

how to get mewtwo in pokemon go

Are you searching for the legendary Mewtwo and want to add it to your Pokedex? Well, look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will show you everything necessary in order to come across Mewtwo and master its capture. You’ll find helpful tips on where exactly to search for them as well as strategies that will make capturing a breeze. So don’t wait any longer – let’s get started on how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go!

What is Mewtwo and Why is it So Desirable in Pokemon Go?

Mewtwo is an iconic Legendary Pokemon originating in the original Pokemon Red and Blue games. Revered for its battle prowess, with high attack and defense stats, it’s no wonder that this powerful creature has become one of the most sought-after characters of all time! For any coach looking to bolster their roster, adding a Mewtwo to their collection is essential — providing unmatched strength when facing off against opponents.

In Pokemon Go, Mewtwo is the stuff of dreams because it’s one of the rarest and hardest-to-catch creatures. It’s only available through exclusive events, raids, or research assignments — making it a highly sought-after prize for all serious gamers! With such an impressive rarity and difficulty rate, adding this legendary beast to your team would be any fan’s ultimate glory.

How to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

If you’re wondering where to locate Mewtwo in Pokemon Go, here are several great alternatives:

  • Raid Battles: Mewtwo is an elusive creature and can only be found as a raid boss in Tier 5 raids. Unfortunately, these raids are often not available except during specific events.
  • Research Tasks: With a bit of luck and effort, you can get your hands on Mewtwo completing specific research tasks. Search thoroughly for these one-in-a-kind quests offering the powerful Pokémon as a reward – it’s certainly worth the hard work!
  • Special Events: Keep your eyes peeled for any news of Mewtwo’s special events, hosted Niantic (the producers of Pokemon Go)! These occasions will be declared on the official website or social media accounts – so don’t miss out!

Strategies for Catching Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

Now that you know where to find Mewtwo in Pokemon Go, let’s talk about how to catch it. Here are a few techniques and tactics to significantly improve your chances of snagging the legendary Mewtwo!

  • Use Golden Razz Berries: If you encounter a Legendary Pokemon such as Mewtwo, Golden Razz Berries are the optimal choice. These powerful berries offer the highest increase in the catch rate of any type of berry – so if you have them at your disposal be sure to take advantage and make those all-important captures!
  • Use Curveballs: Even though it might take a bit more practice, mastering curveballs can give you an edge over straight throws. Begin throwing some curves to improve your chances of reeling in Mewtwo!
  • Team up with Other Trainers: If you’re determined to catch Mewtwo, team up with other trainers! More players mean more opportunities to defeat the raid boss and snag your prized target. A larger group boosts the chances of success, so don’t go it alone – enlist some friends for a better shot at capturing Mewtwo.
  • Maximize your Premier Balls: If you want to maximize your chances of catching Mewtwo, then Premier Balls are the key. After beating a raid boss, these balls will be rewarded. To increase your number of Premier Balls and up those odds even more, do the following: make sure that you inflict as much damage to the raid boss as possible; keep control over the gym during its duration; and finish it quickly!
  • Time your Throws: For a successful Mewtwo capture, you must time your throws with precision. Wait until the Pokemon stops moving before throwing a Pokeball to maximize your chances of success!

Tips for Battling Mewtwo

Ready to catch Mewtwo? You’ll have to battle it first! Here are a few helpful hints for getting the upper hand in your Pokemon Go showdown with this powerful creature:

  • Choose the Right Pokemon: To successfully counteract a Mewtwo, select Pokemon with formidable Dark-type attacks. Tyranitar and Houndoom are both excellent choices when it comes to defeating this Psychic-type Pocket Monster.
  • Dodge Mewtwo’s Attacks: Mewtwo’s strikes are incredibly destructive, so make sure to stay vigilant in order to evade them if necessary. Have your eyes peeled for any cues from its body language and movements to best predict when it’ll attack; timing is key here, as dodging too early or late may not be enough!
  • Team up with Other Trainers: If you plan to take on Mewtwo, your best bet is teaming up with other trainers. Collaborate to bring down its health and once it’s weakened enough, use Premier Balls for the catch phase. Your odds of success are much better when working together!


Obtaining Mewtwo in Pokemon Go may feel like a nearly impossible goal, however with these helpful hacks and strategies, you’ll be on your way to being the proud owner of this legendary creature. Utilize Golden Razz Berries, hone your curveball accuracy, and work as a team with fellow trainers—you’ll improve your chances drastically! Don’t forget that all great feats require patience and dedication; it won’t take long until Mewtwo is yours for good!

Thank you for reading our ultimate guide on how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go. We believe these suggestions and tactics have been instrumental in your pursuit to acquire this prestigious Pokemon.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t manage to successfully catch Mewtwo on your first try. It is a highly sought-after and powerful Pokemon, so it may take some time before you are successful. Stay determined and eventually your hard work will pay off!

In conclusion, ensure to be mindful of your safety when playing Pokemon Go. Remain vigilant and cognizant of the environment around you; never play while driving or in any location deemed hazardous.

Happy hunting, trainers!