Here are the best tech gadgets under $200 in 2023

Also among our 2023 SlashGear Select picks is the Tapo TP120 from TP-Link, a brand best known for its affordable security cameras and networking products. It boasts IP66 water resistance (officially means “protected from high-pressure water jets from any direction”), shoots in 1080p Full HD resolution, and retails for just $39.99, sometimes less. With a sale price of , you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal. For people who want to build a new home monitoring system from scratch.

To get 30 days of cloud storage, you have to pay for the premium tier of the Tapo Care subscription service, which starts at $3.49 per month per camera or $34.99 billed annually, per month per camera. It’s pretty affordable at $11.99 or $119.99 billed annually. Up to 10 cameras. That being said, it’s still good value even without a subscription.

In our review of the Tapo C120, we say, “Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Tapo C120 is the number of advanced features that are readily available, even without paying for Tapo Care.” “With built-in AI identification capabilities, it can uniquely identify people, pets, and several types of specific sounds, such as crying babies, pet noises, and glass breaking. These detection settings can be combined with notifications and It can also work together, so you can tell the camera to only ping if it detects a person, for example.” The C120 is technically a security camera and not a smart doorbell, but there is a link between the camera and the app. Transmits audio in both directions. So, when the app contacts you about a delivery, it’s easy to interact with the delivery driver.

Not bad for such a low priced camera.

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