Google Cloud/CSA study shows strong confidence in the ability of generative AI to enhance cybersecurity

Generative artificial intelligence technology is rapidly making inroads into cybersecurity operations, with 55% of all organizations planning to leverage its potential to improve security in the next 12 months, according to a comprehensive new study released today. I understand that you are planning to do so.

This is according to the latest State of AI and Security Research Report conducted by the Cloud Security Alliance and Google Cloud. They say the findings demonstrate a “significant upsurge” in generative AI integration in enterprise technology systems.

A global survey of 2,486 information technology and security professionals from organizations of various sizes found that 82% of respondents agree that increased adoption of generative AI is being driven by executives. became. This is because high-level executives recognize the competitive advantage that technology can provide in the modern business environment.

The bulk of the research focused on how AI is integrated with cybersecurity. This is no longer just a concept, but a reality for many companies, with 67% of organizations surveyed already testing how AI can be used to specifically improve security. is the answer.

Additionally, while AI has always been seen as a technology that requires deep expertise, more organizations are seeing the practical applications of AI. Just under 50% of survey respondents expressed confidence in their organization’s ability to create and execute a strategy for integrating AI and security, with 28% saying they were “very confident” and 20% saying they were “very confident.” I am very confident.” But Caleb Sima, chair of the CSA’s AI Safety Initiative, warned that this could suggest that many organizations are overlooking the technical complexities of AI integration.

“AI is transforming cybersecurity, offering both exciting opportunities and complex challenges,” he said. “However, the disconnect between executives and staff in understanding and implementing AI highlights the need for a strategic, unified approach to successfully integrating this technology.”

Despite this warning, security professionals themselves are cautiously optimistic about the ability to leverage AI to strengthen their organizations’ security posture, with 63% saying it will improve threat detection and response. He says he is particularly interested in the possibilities. On the other hand, 34% of security professionals said they believe AI will be an advantage for security teams, while 31% said it could also help cyber attackers. Additionally, he said 25% could be even more useful to attackers than security teams.

Survey respondents also expressed the belief that AI is likely to empower humans and make them more efficient at work, rather than replacing them. Approximately 30% of respondents said AI would enhance their skill set, 28% said AI would support their role more generally, and 24% said AI would support most of their role. I answered that I would be able to replace it and focus on other activities.

Finally, most survey respondents said 2024 will be the year of AI adoption, with 55% saying they will begin deploying various security tools with generative AI capabilities later this year. Respondents believe that generative AI can support a variety of security use cases, with 21% citing rule creation as a top application and 19% citing attack simulation and compliance violation detection.

Phil Venables, chief information security officer at Google Cloud, said that in contrast to the incremental benefits of most new technologies, AI is a “once in a generation” opportunity to radically transform cybersecurity. said.

“Generative AI has the potential to turn the tide on the attacker by increasing the defender’s capabilities tenfold,” he said. “While we need to counter the use of AI by adversaries, it is even more important to advance the integration of AI into today’s cyber defenses.”


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