Fortinet emphasizes the need to strengthen operational resilience in cybersecurity

The recent Fortinet Operational Technology Summit highlighted how cybersecurity has become a top business risk, with 78% of manufacturers now ranking cybersecurity in their top five business risks, up from 70% in 2020. I pointed out that

Of these risks, Fortinet observed that ransomware remains a major factor, increasing from 23% of attacks on manufacturing industries in 2020 to 36% in 2023. According to the cybersecurity solutions company, more than 80% of manufacturing businesses have experienced at least one data breach in their manufacturing sector. In the past year, 15% had experienced her six or more times.

“There is a need to balance maintaining operational technology (OT) compliance with building regulatory, cultural, and financial defenses,” said John Madison, chief marketing officer and executive vice president at Fortinet. There is,” he said.

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Phishing and malware remain the most common security incidents reported, along with spyware and ransomware.

“With gaps in defense strategy, operational resiliency in the face of cyber threats is critical,” Madison said.

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Fortinet emphasizes the importance of understanding the operational resiliency of critical infrastructure and prioritizing vulnerability management to protect against cyber-attacks, building architectures, response plans, and operational resilience in the face of evolving threats. pointed out the need for a continuous integration approach to implementing and improving capabilities.

Recognizing the need to strengthen cyber defenses, manufacturers are increasing their OT security audits, with 48% having conducted an audit within the past six months, up from 44% in 2020. Organizations are concerned about taking strict measures to protect their data, with 23% of manufacturers conducting OT security audits monthly and 49% conducting them quarterly.

With these concerns in mind, Fortinet offers the Fortinet OT Security Platform, a suite of security products and services designed to protect industrial networks, providing deep visibility, zero trust security, and a centralized security operations center. (SOC). The company also leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to secure the network edge.

During the summit, Fortinet highlighted an integrated approach to security that leverages real-time OT threat intelligence to help customers establish a zero trust model and securely accelerate IT/OT convergence.

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