Dive into cybersecurity staff who are thinking of changing jobs

The proportion of UK cyberworkers actively seeking a new role has jumped from less than a quarter to almost a third in the past year.

Almost a third (31.5%) of UK cybersecurity employees are actively looking for a new role, a “significant” increase from 22.4% who were in the job market a year ago.

According to Cybershark Recruitment’s latest cybersecurity salary survey, 32% of employees believe they are “not looking, but would move if approached,” up from 29% in 2023.

The research, carried out in partnership with SC Media UK, found that slightly fewer employees (10% compared to 9% in the previous survey) are planning to get an internal promotion over the next 12 months.

[DOWNLOAD: Cybershark Recruitment’s Cyber Security Salary Survey 2024]

“When companies freeze pay raises or reduce promotion opportunities, people tend to look for those opportunities elsewhere,” said Daniel Murray, managing director of Cybershark Recruitment.

For the first time in survey history, candidates rated an increase in base salary as the most important factor when changing roles, with 25% citing increase in base salary as their top consideration, compared to 22% last year.

Average tenure in role is less than 2 years

The study found that the amount of time cybersecurity professionals spend in their roles continues to decline, from 24 months a year ago to 23.25 months.

20% of respondents said they had been in their current condition for more than four years, compared to 25% in the previous survey.

Last year, as the effects of the “massive resignations” took hold, 75% of those surveyed said their role had changed in the past 12 months. This year, that number was down, but he still had a respectable 49%.

Career development is valued over flexibility

Murray said one of the surprising findings from this year’s survey is that the importance of flexible working conditions has declined over the past year, with only a few employees rating it as a top priority. 11% said it was down from 15%.

“With the introduction of hybrid working, people can achieve a better work-life balance with organizations that embrace this model and value regular social interaction rather than working exclusively from home. ,” he said.

Job seekers were also more interested in finding a job with training and development opportunities (a top priority for 11.5% of those surveyed, up from 9% last year).

Murray says, “During the interview, ask what kind of training and development your organization offers, and whether the company will pay for qualifications to help you advance your skills and career while you’re with the organization. “More and more candidates are asking,” he said.

“We feel this trend will only increase as the year goes on, as job seekers seek companies that invest in their career growth and skill development.”

Cybershark Recruitment’s 2024 Cybersecurity Salary Survey compiles the results of a 29-question survey completed by 2,100 cybersecurity professionals from across the UK late last year.

[DOWNLOAD: Cybershark Recruitment’s Cyber Security Salary Survey 2024]

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