Darien High School students win cybersecurity contest

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One of two teams from the Darien High School Programming Club won the CyberQuest Games competition held Saturday in Stratford.

— Notice from Darien High School

The “Blue Wave Team” competes against other high school teams from Connecticut and New York. Pasquale Hoffman, Regan Little, Anoushka Muchal and Nathan Campoare took first place.

The Blue Dot Wave team did well as first-year participants. Aiden Younessian, Michael Lui and Brady Eldredge are on that team. (That’s what “dot waves” are.)

Cyberquest Competition 2024

Photo submitted by Lorraine Westervelt

The Blue Wave team won.From left: Pasquale Hoffman, Regan Little, Anoushka Muchal, Nathan Campoare.

The event on Saturday, March 24th was held at Sikorsky in Stratford. CyberQuest, a project sponsored by Lockheed Martin, was held at multiple locations over the weekend.

According to a description on Lockheed Martin’s website, “The purpose of the contest is to encourage high school students to pursue careers in the field of cybersecurity.”During the three-hour contest, teams of students work together to Solve security challenges.

“Cyber ​​Quest” is a cloud-based competition with questions created by Lockheed Martin cybersecurity engineers. The Capture the Flag (CTF) format includes multi-step intrusion scenarios, steganography, reverse engineering, full OS hacking, packet capture, web exploits, social engineering, and cybersecurity awareness. ”

Cyber ​​Quest 2024 Blue Dot Team

Photo submitted by Lorraine Westervelt

The Blue Dot Wave team did well as first-year participants.From left: Aiden Unesian, Michael Lui, Brady Eldridge

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