Continuing threats require significant changes in healthcare cybersecurity risk perception

Recent cyberattacks on healthcare organizations have pushed cybersecurity from a back-office issue to a top priority for the healthcare industry. A major breach at Change Healthcare disrupted critical services and highlighted the vulnerability of healthcare networks to such threats and the dire consequences for patient care. Government and industry responses highlight the importance of third-party cybersecurity assessments and compliance standards to strengthen healthcare infrastructure. A staggering 63% of known vulnerabilities are exploited within healthcare networks that include critical medical devices, putting the sector under tremendous pressure to strengthen its defenses. This urgency goes beyond just protecting data. It’s about building proactive defenses to ensure continuity of patient care amid digital transformation.

How can healthcare organizations balance technological advances with the imperative of robust cybersecurity measures?

Welcome to Experts Talk hosted by MarketScale. Host Daniel Litwin, head of B2B, speaks with Dr. Robin Berthier, his CEO and co-founder of Network Perception, and Davy Wittock, Chief Business Officer of InFlux Technologies. Mike Isbitski, director of cybersecurity strategy at Sysdig, said: In this episode, we analyze the evolving landscape of cybersecurity risk awareness in healthcare and take a closer look at the strategic and operational changes necessitated by recent high-profile cyber breaches.

Key discussion points:

  • Growing cybersecurity threats facing healthcare networks and the critical balance between innovation and security
  • The Role of Third-Party Cybersecurity Assessments and the Federal Government’s Push for Comprehensive Compliance Standards
  • Strategies for healthcare organizations to reduce vulnerabilities and strengthen cybersecurity posture

Meet the experts:

Dr. Robin Berthier is an experienced cybersecurity expert focused on network security for critical infrastructure. As co-founder of Network Perception, his work helps healthcare organizations develop cybersecurity strategies.

Davy Wittock, Chief Business Officer of InFlux Technologies, focuses on innovative cybersecurity solutions and brings extensive experience bridging the gap between technology and business strategy.

Mike Isbitski leads Sysdig’s cybersecurity strategy, and his insights into the complex cybersecurity landscape guide organizations through the maze of digital threats and protections.

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